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WWE Super ShowDown: live coverage

WWE Super ShowDown
June 7, 2019
King Abdullah Sports City Stadium
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We are live with ongoing coverage of WWE Super ShowDown. We’ll have results up immediately after every match so refresh this page to get updated results. Click here if the page results are not showing for you after each match.

Kickoff Show

Michael Cole noted that its 94 degrees but the temperature near the ring feels like 102.

The Revival vs. The Usos
This was a solid tag team match as you would expect from these guys. Wilder was pinned after taking a pair of superkicks.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins (Champion) vs. Baron Corbin

Rollins won after a surprise roll-up on Corbin while Corbin was arguing with the referee. Brock Lesnar went to the ring with a chair to cash in but a distraction allowed Rollins to hit a low blow, several chair shots and the curb stomp. The distraction happened when Heyman tripped over the rope as he was getting in the ring. So basically, there was no cash in and Lesnar still has the briefcase.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Finn Balor (Champion) vs. Andrade
Balor retained after hitting a DDT off the top rope and then following up with the coup de grace finisher. Very good match.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon
This was an “ok” match that featured a lot of interference from Drew McIntyre. The finish was McMahon accidentally nailing the referee in the eye. That allowed McIntyre to run in and hit the Claymore kick. Shane McMahon pinned Reigns so the feud will continue at least until WWE Stomping Grounds in a couple of weeks.

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party
Fans weren’t really reacting to the match and Corey Graves tried to cover by saying there was a hush in the crowd because they didn’t know how to react to what they were seeing. The match ended in a disqualification as Lucha House Party triple teamed Sullivan after a few minutes into the match and the other two members of the team refused to get out of the ring. Sullivan destroyed them after the match. Looks like they might do this match again at Stomping Grounds in a couple of weeks.

Non-Sanctioned Match
Triple H vs. Randy Orton
This was actually a solid match. It started off slow and picked up towards the end. The finish was Triple H slamming Orton several times on the announcer’s table at ringside. He brought Orton back into the ring but Orton caught him with the RKO and pinned him. The fans in Jeddah loved this match.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley
This was a basic match. Strowman won with the running powerslam.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston (Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Good match. Kingston retained the title thanks to an assist from Woods at ringside. Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise and pinned Ziggler. After the match, Ziggler said he wanted a steel cage rematch with no one at ringside.

50-Man Battle Royal
This match was comprised mostly of mid-carders. Saudi Arabia native Mansoor won the match by eliminating Elias.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker
This match fell apart when Goldberg went for a spear and ran head first into the middle turnbuckle. He was clearly groggy for about half the match and had trouble picking up The Undertaker for spots. An audible was called and Taker chokeslammed Goldberg and pinned him to win the match. Goldberg was bleeding a lot from the turnbuckle spot as Taker looked on with a disappointed look on his face.


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