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WWE Super ShowDown: Mansoor vs. Dolph Ziggler



In a late addition to the show that was announced in the last 48 hours, Dolph Ziggler took on Mansoor. Robert Roode was at ringside during this match and there was another video glitch teaser during Ziggler's entrance. Click here for news on what WWE might be teasing during those video static cut-ins.

Mansoor is from Riyadh so he was clearly the overwhelming favorite for the fans attending the show. They gave him fireworks for his entrance. Before the match got started, Roode shoved Mansoor and then got shoved back. Roode tried to attack but Mansoor dropkicked him and the referee told Roode that he needed to leave the ringside area.

As expected, Mansoor won the match. He did it by hitting a moonsault and pinning him and Michael Cole reacted like Mansoor beat Hulk Hogan. They called it a "miracle win" for Mansoor. After the match, he cut a promo and said the fans picked him up and gave him hope.

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