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WWE Super ShowDown: The Undertaker vs. Goldberg

UPDATE: Goldberg may have suffered a concussion. Click here for an update.

ORIGINAL: Goldberg vs. The Undertaker was the main event at WWE Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Undertaker got a very WrestleMania-like entrance with druids carrying torches, caskets on the stage and special music before his regular theme song played.

The match started with two spears from Goldberg but Taker kicked out of the pin attempt. Goldberg was busted open when he rushed into the middle turnbuckle as Taker moved out of the way. Taker hit the Tombstone piledriver about a minute later but Goldberg kicked out of it. Goldberg seemed groggy, probably from a combination of the loss of blood and the heat in Jeddah.

A minute later, Goldberg hit the jackhammer and it looked like Taker landed badly. He almost landed on his head and it was clear that something was off with Goldberg because he dropped Taker when he tried to pick him up. Taker chokeslammed Goldberg and pinned him.

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Now, WWE will move towards Stomping Grounds, which happens in a couple of weeks. Click here to see the first matches announced for that show.

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