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WWE Superstar hinting at retirement?



The WWE is a wonderful place to apply your craft but nothing lasts forever. This is why it's so important to cherish every moment you have while living your dream.

Fans haven't seen Summer Rae wrestle a match for quite some time. Once a member of Total Divas, Summer's involvement in WWE has diminished to the point where some people wonder if she's with the company anymore.

Summer might be adding a little fuel to the fires of speculation when she recently posted an Instagram post with the comment: "Always wished we had a program together, this one & I" while she was tagging Sasha Banks in the post.

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Some people might be able to read into this statement as if Summer Rae is speaking about her career in the past-tense. Since we haven't seen Summer Rae in a while this could very well be a sad reality.

The 33-year-old Superstar was seen in the crowd during the Mae Young Classic but she hasn't wrestled a match since the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft.

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