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WWE Superstar removed from upcoming "Worlds Collide" tournament



It looks like someone at WWE may have jumped the gun when announcing the participants for the "World Collide" tournament that is set to take place at AXXESS during Royal Rumble weekend.

The original list of names from 205 Live included Humberto Castillo. His name has been removed and the final slot now says "A Superstar to be named."

We'll pass along details when we find out who that final competitor is.

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On a related note, it looks like the wrestlers involved may have found out just like most fans did. A fan asked TJP about the tournament but he had no clue about it until fans tagged him with the information.

"I don’t think I’m in this thing," he wrote on Twitter.

Later he wrote, "Oh! I guess I should put my controller down long enough to read stuff. Ok then, let’s do this....ima make this one a slow jam."

Click here for more information on the tournament.