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WWE Superstar robbed during Survivor Series, irreplaceable items stolen

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WWE Superstar robbed during Survivor Series, irreplaceable items stolen

This is a story everyone hates hearing. To be honest, it’s becoming a trend recently with AJ Styles, The Ascension, and now Naomi being robbed and losing their things. WWE Superstars are people too and should never be victimized, nor should someone draw a conclusion it’s okay either. This kind of thing just makes a person sick.

While Naomi was busy working, she thought her car would be safe and all the belongings she had inside. Unfortunately, she was mistaken because her car was broken into and many irreplaceable items were stolen from her.

She sent out an Instagram message with both good and bad news. On the positive side, Naomi got to meet Travis Scott and he is super cool, but on the other hand, she had the awful announcement of being robbed as well.

“Sooooooo yesterday started out great…I met @travisscott (cool dude), performed in front of thousands at #surviorseries pay per view, and then got my car broken into losing so many irreplaceable items… what a freaking day!”

At least Naomi is okay, but this situation is still a really awful one. Those thieves are really lucky Naomi didn’t catch them too or else they would have certainly felt the glow and possibly been taken to the Uso Penitentiary if actually being incarcerated.

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