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WWE Superstars react to The Miz and Maryse's pregnancy



It's a happy time when a couple in the WWE Universe announces they will be bringing a new life into the world. Maryse might have shocked us all when she announced her and The Miz are expecting an addition to their family.

She was wearing loser fitting clothes which appeared more comfortable than use usual attire. But that wasn't the only indication they were serious. You could tell by the look Miz and Maryse gave each other that they were sharing a very real moment with us on Raw during Miz TV.

Miz and Maryse's co-workers have so far come out in droves to congratulate the future-proud parents. At times like this the television story lines really are thrown to the curb because heels and babyfaces alike wanted to get in line to tell Miz and Maryse how happy they were for them.

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This really is a special event and might even result in a little future WWE Superstar down the line. Miz and Maryse have spent many amazing moments in the ring together but this had to be one of the most special.

Congratulations to Miz and Maryse for this news. Hopefully, it won't change the dynamic of the Miztourage too much but as Maryse gets further along in her pregnancy it would stand to reason she'll be appearing at ringside much less often.

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