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WWE Superstars weren’t too thrilled with the NFL segments on Friday Night SmackDown

There was some eye-rolling backstage at Friday Night SmackDown during the celebrity portions of the show.

I spoke to a few wrestlers who pointed out how fake-looking the segments were and it was clear how most of the guys in the segments had no knowledge of the current WWE product.

The segments were actually taped on October 6th so the analysts actually had no idea what was going on during the Draft so that’s why their verbiage was so generic.

During one of the studio segments, NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw was asked who he would pick in the first round of the draft and his answer was, “my number 1 guy has always been Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream.”

Howie Long namedropped Killer Kowalski, The Sheik and Bruno Sammartino. Meanwhile, Michael Strahan namedropped Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan’s name was also mentioned by Tony Gonzalez.

One wrestler told me, “[WWE] can’t help themselves. It always makes me cringe when you see them trying so hard to show everyone how mainstream they are. It actually makes the company look worse because it is so obvious to the people watching at home that the NFL guys being asked to talk about WWE don’t know anything about current wrestling. We’ll never shake off the stigma with mainstream media if Vince keeps scripting silly stuff on the shows.”

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