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WWE Survivor Series 2014 results: STING makes his WWE debut, The Authority is gone

WWE Survivor Series
November 23, 2014
St. Louis, MO

We are live with Survivor Series coverage. You can watch the Kickoff by clicking on the player below. We will have updates on this page so refresh the page if you want the latest updates. Please feel free to share the link to this page on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere and help spread the word!

WWE Survivor Series Kickoff

Renee Young, Alex Riley, and Booker T are joined by Paul Heyman on the pre-show panel. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler are introduced to the live crowd while the panel talks about tonight's main event.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel - Rosa Mendes does a dance in the ring with red lights highlighting the ring. Fandangho comes out to different music and is dressed like someone on Dancing with the Stars. They dance in the ring before the match starts. Fandango has a new haircut too and wrestles in black tights and a tight dress shirt now. He's more aggressive and serious now. Half of the arena is empty. Cole noted that fans were still making their way into the arena and there's bad weather in the area. Short match Fandango won with the legdrop off the top rope.

They showed a video package recapping the Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt feud.

The Miz cut a promo backstage. Mizdow was with him. The panel talked a for a couple of minutes again.

Bad News Barrett returns - Barrett comes out to his podium. He says that he's making his return after a 5 nmonth absence and he can feel the excitement in the air because tonight everything is on the line in the main event. He said The Authority will be stripped of their power if they lose but every single member of Team Cena, except Cena, gets fired if Team Cena loses. He says that it sounds like a good deal for Cena but he's got some BAD NEWS. He said he knows how petty and vindictive the Authority is and he'll wish he had been fired. He said but if The Authority is stripped of their power then they'll claim that WWE will be lost without them. He said that he has some BAD NEWS for The Authority and WWE will never be lost and it will flourish under the era of Bad News Barrett. He ended with "thank you very much." It looks like he might be a babyface now.

They recapped the recent events from the Nikki Bella/AJ Lee feud with highlights from Raw and Smackdown.

More analysis from the panel. Tom Phillips reads tweets from fans in the social media lounge. Then Alex Riley plugged Promo code TSHIRT 30 for 30% off merch.

A video recap of the events leading to tonight's main event aired.

Cesaro comes out and cuts a promo talking about World War I and World War II where the Swiss stayed neutral. He said tonight, the greatest battle in WWE history, the Swiss stay neutral. He said Cesaro does what's best for Cesaro and he announces his support for Team Authority because it's the smart choice. He says "long live The Authority" in 5 different languages. Swagger's music interrupts. Zeb says he's tired of hearing about the Swiss being neutral. He said he's glad that he picked Team Authority. Zeb said that he and Swagger pick Team Cena. He said Cesaro is brown nosing. He said that real Americans don't brown nose and get the job done. Then he asked everyone to rise and say "we the people."

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger - Cesaro was selling his storyline injury from Swagger's ankle lock last week. Swagger won with the ankle lock.

Vince McMahon pulls up in a black limousine.

WWE Survivor Series 2014 results

Here we go. The show kicks off with an opening video. Then they cut over to the arena and Vince McMahon comes out.

Vince McMahon, The Authority, John Cena - Vince welcomes everyone to Survivor Series. He said this Survivor Series will be epic and he guarantees it will be a Survivor Series we will never forget. He introduces Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie thanks everyone for a "warm" welcome. She feels the love and the love for her dad. She says Vince gave them an incredible opportunity and they won't let Vince down. Triple H says "give it up for Vince McMahon, the reason we are all here." Steph does a "Vince, Vince Vince" chant. Vince that's a bunch of crap and introduces John Cena. Vince tells Cena that he knows what the stakes are and Cena is personally responsible for the termination of his team if they lose and if Team Authority loses then they will no longer be in power. Cena askes if Team Authority loses do they walk out on their own or does he have to throw them out? Triple H says Cena will have a bad holiday because he'll be personally responsible for 4 men losing their job. 4 men with kids, bills, and responsibilities. He said tomorrow night those guys will be begging and pleading to keep their job and they'll get fired anyway and they'll be ignored and once they're ignored they'll be forgotten about. He said that Cena's teammates are the ones with everything to lose. Steph said that it's a lot of responsibility and these people don't really care and those 4 will be forgotten. He said that by some miracle Team Cena wins then sure they won't be directly in charge but they will call the shots from global headquarters in Stamford and they still will run the show. Vince said that it's not exactly what he had in mind. Vince said they might have their desk job but no more influence over the careers or lives of any WWE superstar but he has so much confidence in them that he's arranged in the contract that the only man that could bring them back to power...Steph interrupted and kissed up to Vince saying that they have respect for him and he has the bigger vision and they know he knows what's best for business. Vince said he has so much confidence in The Authority that the only person that can bring them back to power is John Cena. Vince said "you're a McMahon dammit! Don't let me down." Steph told Cena to wipe that smile off his face or she'll do it for him. She said she loves this because it gives them more incentive to beat Team Cena and put his men out of work. Cena said he'll spare the details and say that they will lose tonight and they'll be out of power and their chances of ever coming back to work for WWE ....there is no chance in hell.

Cena's music plays. The announcers are shown at ringside.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores (Fatal 4 Way for the tag team title) - Fans are really into Mizdow but Miz refuses to tag him in. Stardust was in the ring with one of The Usos and teased tagging Mizdow in but decided not to. That made the fans angry. He did end up tagging Miz though. Mizdow finally tagged in but Goldust tagged himself in right away so no action from MIzdow yet. There was a nice sequence of moves between Goldust and Fernando. Goldust and Stardust were in there for several minutes against Fernando. Stardust almost had a pin but Miz broke up the pin. Diego, who was in the corner, was shoved into the ring post so he's out of the match at least for now. Fernando was finally able to fight back and tagged in Jimmy Uso. Miz was knocked off the ring apron when Jimmy ran into him. Jey then tagged in and fought Goldust. The Usos hit superkicks on all of the heels and cleared the ring. Both Usos were about to do a dive but one of Los Matadores broke it up. Scoop slam by Goldust on Jey. Near fall. The Usos finally did a dive onto the heels. Stardust did his version of a dive called the "Falling Star." The bull dove to the outside, followed by Los Matadores. Bodies everywhere outside of the ring. There was a crazy suplex spot with 4 men (Goldust and Stardust and Los Matadores) getting suplexed. Miz made the tag at the end of the match and got the pin. NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Miz celebrated with both titles in his hands.

Commercial for Raw plugging Larry the Cable guy as guest host.

They will do a live Stone Cold podcast on the WWE Network one week from tomorrow with Vince McMahon as the special guest.

They show Adam Rose backstage with the Rosebuds. Adam Rose and The Bunny play with WWE Super Strikers action figures. Rose said that The Bunny was working at kids birthday parties when he found him. He said The Bunny is nothing without him. The Bunny won. Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater showed up. Titus and Heath made fun of Rose. Rose said that he's worshipped by the Rose Buds. Heath said that Rose is upstaged by his bunny. Rose issues a challenge. So tonight we will have Titus and Heath vs. The Bunny and Adam Rose tonight.

Team Natalya vs. Team Paige (4 on 4 Divas elimination match) - Natalya starts the match off with Paige. It ended up being Paige vs. Team Natalya when her team members were eliminated. Good match and they are giving the women a lot of time on this show to work. Naomi finished off Paige with the Rear View and then headscissors and slamming of Paiges' head to the mat. Tyson Kidd came out to celebrate with Natalya.

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Team Natalya wins.

WWE TLC commercial. They showed highlights from the Kickoff show of Fandango's match and Bad News Barrett. Then they introduce the panel. Then they showed a video package for Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt showing what's happened between them in recent weeks.

Looks like the reshuffled the things because there was supposed to be a big debut after the Divas match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt - Fast paced match to start off. Bray pushed Dean into the steel steps on the outside. At one point they clotheslined each other on the outside but they got in the ring when the ref counted to 9. Dean mocked Bray by hanging off the corner as if he was about to do the spider walk. Bray was about to go for Sister Abigal but Dean reversed it, rolled Bray up, and got a 2 count. These guys are working a very hard hitting match. The crowd loves this match. At one point Dean actually did an elbow drop while Bray was still standing. Bray hit a nasty looking clothesline on Dean and them picked him up and slammed him on the steel steps on the outside. Bray grabbed a microphone during the match and asked "why are you doing this man? it didn't have to be like this Dean. Me and you...we could have ruled the world together man. There's nothing anyone back there can do to touch us. Me and you we're special Dean, can't you see that? I'm sorry that you chose your path." Bray punched Dean and then grabbed 2 chairs from under the ring. The ref took one away. Dean picked up the other chair. The ref yelled at Dean to put the chair down. Bray got on his knees and told Dean to do it. Dean hit Bray in the stomach and over the back with the chair and then Dirty Deeds onto the chair. Dean then grabbed a table from under the ring, set it up in the ring, put Bray on it, and then did a diving elbow on Bray through the table. Then Dean went to get another table. He put the table on Dean and then started hitting it with a chair. Then he went and got a bunch of chairs and tossed them in the ring. Dean then walked out of the ring with Bray covered in chairs and a table. But thenDean walked back towards the ring and pulled a ladder. Fans chanted "this is awesome." The ladder was huge. Much bigger than the normal ladders they normally use. Dean climbed up the ladder. It looked like he was going to jump off but he didn't. His music played. A bunch of referees came to help out Bray Wyatt. Dean teased that he was going to push the ladder on top of Bray but the referees stopped him.

Commercial for WWE Super Striker action figures.

Backstage, Triple H tells Team Authority that everything is on the line and said that when they win the people that benefit the most and gain the most are all of them. Steph said it means more title matches, more power, more fame, more money. Steph said everything the've done builds to this moment. Steph seemed emotional when she said "we can't lose." Triple H said this is one of those moments, those times that's remembered forever...a moment in history, a moment in time. He asked where will they stand in that moment in history? He said this is the greatest team ever assembled. He said he has every confidence that they will win. Triple H said if they don't win they won't be fired but they'll wish that they were. He said whoever takes over will make sure their life is a living hell and if you're a champion then you won't be for long and if you're not a champion then you never will be. Triple H said they fight tonight with their last breath depending on it. He said they fight like their life is on the line because as god as his witness it is. They all chanted "fight, fight, fight."

Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater - The Bunny and Slater started the match but Rose tagged himself in before they could lock up. The Bunny did tag in after a couple of minutes. He was on offense the whole time and pinned Heath Slater. Rose was not happy. The Bunny did the back fall onto the Rose Buds. They carried him off as Rose stood in the ring upset that The Bunny stole the spotlight.

Commercial for WWE Stack Down and ring set. Then they showed a commercial for WWE Studios' Jingle All the Way 2.

Michael Cole introduced Roman Reings on the big screen. Roman said that he has a lot of love for Survivor Series and he's getting stronger every day and his recovery is going well. He said he'd feel better if he was in St Louis. He said if he was there "do you want to know what I would do?" He said "I would cock this fist and make it rain in that bitch." JBL said that the point is that he's not here and Rollins is here. He asked Roman how he feels about The Authority gaining power tonight. Roman said it's a stupid question. Roman said he threw a cinder block at Seth and the world knows how he feels about that slimy, backstabbing Rollins. He said in one month Team Cena or Team Authority might be out and around this time next month Roman Reigns will be back and "you can believe THAT."

They cut to Team Cena backstage. Cena says he knows tonight is the biggest night of their careers and he'll do everything to make sure it's not their last. Ziggler said that they are fighting for what's right and he'll do everything he can to make sure he survives. Big Show says they all know what they signed up for and this is the right thing to do. Ryback said it's feeding time and the big guy is hungry. Cena said there's only one thing left to do. Erick Rowan stood up, took off his mask and said "win."

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee (Divas title match) - Nikki won with the rack attack after Brie kissed AJ causing the distraction. New Divas Champion. Brie was smiling and held up her sister's hand so it looks like Brie is a heel now.

They plugged the Austin podcast on the network again. Then they showed highlights from earlier from Bray vs. Dean. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose was announced for the TLC PPV next month. It will be a TLC match.

No surprises yet.

They showed the video package for Team Authority vs. Team Cena.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. Cole said that Vince McMahon will be on live after the show is over on the WWE Network with his reaction to the main event.

Team Authority vs. Team Cena - Everyone got their own separate entrances when they were introduced. Erick Rowan has new music. Mark Henry and Big Show started. Henry charged at Show and was knocked out and pinned by Show. Rollins then went in but Show hit him with a slap across the chest. Rollins tagged Kane in so its Kane vs. Show. Show beat up on Kane and tagged in Cena. Cena and Kane tagged out so that left Rowan vs. Harper but Rollins tagged himself in before they could fight. At one point Ryback and Rusev fought. Kane broke up the Shell Shock with a big boot and then everyone brawled. Rollins was the illegal man and curb stomped Ryback. Rusev kicked Ryback in the face and pinned him. Later in the match everyone hit their finishers. Rowan tried for some sort of slam but Rollins reversed it, charged at him and was backdropped by Harper. Ring cleared, it's Dolph and Rusev. Rusev dumped Dolph onto everyone that was on on the outside. Rusev cleared the annoucers table ...both the English and Spanish tables. Rusev got on the first table and went for a splah onto Dolph but Dolph moved and Rusev crashed through the table. Dolph got back in the ring. The referee counted Rusev out. Ziggler tagged in Cena and he took on Kane but Rollins got in illegally and curb stomped Cena. Kane and Cena are down inside the ring. Cena and Kane tagged out so now it's Rowan vs. Harper. Rowan beat the hell out of Harper. Rowan hit Harper with a nice spin kick. Kane got in the ring illegally again. Rollins hit Rowan off the top allowing Harper to hit the clothesline and get the pin. It's 3 vs. 3 now. Big Show punched John Cena and knocked him out. Rollins pinned Cena. Ziggler is alone against Kane, Harper, and Rollins. Ziggler hit a super kick and the zig zag on Kane. He got the pin on Kane. Harper beat up on Ziggler but Ziggler would not quit. He even kicked out after a powerbomb. Fans chanted for Ziggler. Ziggler rolled up Harper and pinned him. Not it's Rollins vs. Ziggler left. Ziggler got a couple of really close near falls here. Rollins went for a curb stomp off the top, Ziggler moved, Ziggler with the famouser, went for the count but Rollins kicked out. Triple H shouted instructions at Mercury and Noble. Ziggler fought them off and hit the zig zag on Rollins but Triple H pulled the referee out of the ring. Mercury and Noble then attacked Ziggler in the ring. Dolph fought back, Steph knocked off the ring apron. Rollins went for the curb stomp, Ziggler moved, Ziggler went for the pin. No referee. Another ref came out but Triple H attacked the new ref. Triple H then attacked Ziggler. Triple H clotheslines Ziggler and then hits him with the Pedigree. Triple H put Rollins on Ziggler. Triple H called for another referee. Referee Scott Armstrong came out and then...

A STING video played and he came out and face off with Triple H. Triple H went to hit Sting but Sting kicked him and hit the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting then put Ziggler on top of Rollins. Dolph got the pin.


Big Show eliminated Mark Henry immediately with a big right hand.
Rusev eliminates Ryback.
Rusev eliminated by countout.
Luke Harper eliminated Erick Rowan.
John Cena eliminated.
Kane eliminated by Ziggler.
Luke Harper eliminated by Ziggler.
Rollins eliminated.

Stephanie and Triple H were in the ring shocked at what just happened. Stephanie was crying. Stephanie was yelling "this is not over" while Triple H had his hands over his head in shock. Fans chanted "you got fired." Steph yelled back as the fans kept up the chants. Steph then cried and stomped on the floor on the baby as Triple H picked her up and hugged her. This was a tremendous show.

The show went up all the way to 11pm eastern which rarely happens