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The WWE United States Championship was defended in a Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series. The match featured Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory.

Please excuse the typos. This was typed in real-time and a lot was happening towards the final minutes of the match. Early in the match, the match spilled to the ringside area. Theory used the steps on Lashley and Rollins. Theory continued to dominate the match for a couple of minutes until Rollins fought back with chops, the slingblade and a kick to the face. Rollins took out both Theory and Lashley with a dive over the top rope.

Rollins tried to stomp Theory but Lashley put him in the Hurt Lock and Theory put Lashley in a sleeper hold. Lashley dumped Theory out of the ring. Rollins hit the Pedigree but Lashley kicked out. Fans reacted big to that spot.

Theory dumped Rollins out. Theory then hit a rolling blockbuster move but Lashley got the Hurt Lock. Theory countered into a roll up and Rollins hit a spalsh and then almost pinned Lashley. Rollins and Theory traded kicks and then Rollins hit a rolling right hand and Theory caught Rollins with a left. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock on both men but they shifted their weight into the corner to break free. There was a serious of kicks and a blow to Theory's neck as fans cheered and clapped. 

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Rollins stomped Lashley but Theory went up for a move off the top. Rollins caught him and hit a superplex. Lashley speared Rollins, Theory go the pin to win the title. Crazy match. Excuse all of the typos. 

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