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WWE Survivor Series results: Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan had a brutal match


The main event for this year's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view was the champion vs. champion match between Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar.

Bryan taunted Lesnar at ringside as Lesnar made his way to the ring. Bryan started by going after Lesnar's knees but Lesnar shrugged it off. Lesnar caught Bryan with a clubbing blow and then it was time for suplex city. He followed up with a second one and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He followed up with two more overhead throws and then he posed with the Universal Title as Bryan rolled out of the ring.

Lesnar tossed Bryan in the ring but Bryan rolled back out of the ring so Lesnar followed him out and threw him into the barricade. Lesnar brought Bryan in the ring and then locked him in a bear hug and then he slammed him down to the mat. Lesnar hit Bryan with ANOTHER German suplex as fans chanted "same old sh**" at Lesnar. Lesnar locked in another bear hug and then threw him over his head again.

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Lesnar hit an F5 and then went for a pin but he picked Bryan up by the hair and then threw him down by the hair. Lesnar went to pick up Bryan but Bryan was able to get a pair of kicks on Lesnar's face. Lesnar picked up Bryan and went for an F5 but he accidentally tossed him into the referee. Bryan hit a low blow and a running knee and came close to pinning Lesnar. Fans went nuts for this.

Bryan hit Lesnar wit several body kicks while Lesnar crumbled to the mat. Bryan followed up with several stomps to Lesnar's face. Bryan ran at Lesnar but Lesnar picked him up, Bryan slipped out. Lesnar went for a clothesline but Bryan ducked and Lesnar went over the top rope. Bryan sent Lesnar into the post and then followed up with a running knee from the ring apron. Bryan followed up with a dive through the ropes but Lesnar caught him and rammed his back into the post. Lesnar rammed him in the post again and then went to use the steel steps but Bryan moved as the steps fell on Lesnar.

Bryan hit a knee off the ring apron onto Lesnar on the floor. The match moved back into the ring. Bryan hit a running knee and almost pinned Lesnar. Bryan chopped the back of Lesnar's leg and then he wrapped it around the ring post. Back in the ring, Bryan hit a missle dropkick and a pair three more running dropkicks in the corner. Lesnar tried an F5 but Bryan countered into the YES lock. Lesnar broke the Yes lock but Bryan nailed him with nasty looking cross faces and he locked in the Yes lock again.

Lesnar broke free but Bryan locked in a triangle submission. Lesnar powered up and hit an F5. Lesnar pinned him.

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