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WWE Survivor Series results: Charlotte Flair turned heel on Ronda Rousey?


Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair was the semi-main event at this year's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

This match started out stiff with some MMA-inspired offense that included kicks and a shove that knocked Rousey down to the mat. The early part of the match was dominated by Flair. At one point, she launched Rousey face-first into the bottom turnbuckle and Rousey ended up busted open with blood coming out of her mouth.

Ronda was able to turn things around with armbar attempts but Flair was able to get out of them. This was the most physical match Rousey has had since signing with WWE.

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Flair went for a moonsault but Rousey got her feet up and then she did a roll through throw off her shoulder. Rousey was caught with a spear and Flair almost got a pin. Flair locked in the figure 8 but Rousey was able to reverse the pressure and they rolled out of the ring. Rousey drove Flair into the barricade and then brought her into the ring. Rousey rag dolled Flair with throws in hte ring and then hit her with punch combinations. Flair fought back with a barrage of chops but Rousey finally countered for a second but Flair caught her with a boot to the face and pin attempt.

Rousey caught Flair in an armbar but Flair made it to the ropes. Rousey dragged Flair back to the center of the ring and then did the throw off the shoulders move that she calls the Piper's Pit. Rousey chased Flair at ringside but Flair hit her with a kendo stick and then she drove her into the steel steps. Rousey wins via DQ. Flair continued with several kendo stick shots to the back. The kendo stick attacks continued as Rousey rolled back into the ring. Flair brought a chair in the ring and shoved the referee, in an apparent heel turn.

Flair hit natural selection and then attacked the referees. Flair placed a chair on Rousey's head and neck and then she stomped on it as more officials made their way into the ring. Fans booed Rousey as she made her way to the backstage area.

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