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WWE Survivor Series results: Men's elimination match


The third hour of the WWE Survivor Series main card kicked off with the men's elimination match. The match featured Raw Captain Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Ricochet, Kevin Owens, and Drew McIntyre vs. SmackDown Captain Roman Reigns, Shorty G, Ali, King Baron Corbin, and Braun Strowman vs. NXT Captain Tommaso Ciampa, Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and WALTER. The competitors for the men's NXT team were announced by Shawn Michaels during the Kickoff show.

We got to see WALTER vs. McIntyre vs. Strowman in the first minute of this match. That included a chop fest between WALTER and McIntyre. WALTER was pinned by McIntyre after taking the Claymore kick. Fans hated this because WALTER looked weak by getting pinned in less than 3 minutes.

Moments later, we got to see some nice mat wrestling between Matt Riddle and Shorty G. Moments later, Owens delivered a frog splash on Shorty G and then pinned him. Roman Reigns tagged in but then got into an argument with teammate King Corbin.

Ciampa took out Owens with a draping DDT and then pinned him. Orton and Ciampa fought for a couple of minutes. Orton took out Priest with the RKO and pinned him. Riddle rolled up Orton and pinned him. Orton hit an RKO on Riddle and that allowed Corbin to get the pin.

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Strowman did the running bowling ball spot around the ring and took out a bunch of wrestlers. He did it again and ran into Keith Lee and they took each other out. McIntyre took out Strowman with the claymore kick. Strowman could not make it back in the ring so he was counted out. Corbin took out Ricochet with End of Days. Ali was stomped by Rollins and eliminated just after Ali and Corbin were arguing. Fans chanted for CM Punk again.

Reigns speared and pinned McIntyre, which meant Rollins was the last member left for Raw. Ciampa hit the draping DDT and then tried the fairytale ending but Reigns caught him with the superman punch. Ciampa went to tag Lee but Corbin took out Lee on the apron. Corbin dragged Reigns to the corner and then tagged himself in.

Reigns took out his own partner Corbin with the punch and spear. Ciampa then pinned Corbin. Rollins and Reigns worked together to take out the Lee and Ciampa. Reigns and Rollins were about to slam Ciampa through the announcer's table but Lee ran into them. Ciampa recovered and charged at Rollins in the ring with the knee and project Ciampa but Rollins kicked out of the pin attempt. Rollins fought back with superkicks but Ciampa countered. Ciampa finally caught Rollins with a knee and he tried the fairytale ending but Reign shit the superman punch and Rollins hit the stomp to pin Ciampa. Lee, Reigns, and Rollins were the last 3 men in the ring. Lee took a frog splash from Rollins but kicked out of the pin attempt. Then Rollins tried for the stomp but Lee hit the jackhammer and pinned him. Reigns connected with 2 superman punches but Lee barely kicked out of the pin attempt. It was VERY close. Reigns went for the spear but Lee powerbombed him almost pinned him. Lee did a moonsault but Reigns moved and then speared him and pinned him. Lee looked like a real star in this match.

Reigns and Lee did a fist pound out of respect for each other.

1. Drew McIntyre eliminated WALTER
2. Kevin Owens eliminated Shorty G
3. Tommaso Ciampa eliminated Kevin Owens
4. Randy Orton eliminated Damian Priest
5. Matt Riddle eliminated Randy Orton
6. King Corbin eliminated Matt Riddle
7. Braun Strowman counted out
8. King Corbin eliminated Ricochet
9. Seth Rollins eliminated Mustafa Ali
10. Roman Reigns eliminated Drew McIntyre
11. Tommaso Ciampa eliminated King Corbin
12. Seth Rollins eliminated Tommaso Ciampa
13. Keith Lee eliminated Seth Rollins
14. Roman Reigns eliminated Keith Lee

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