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WWE Survivor Series results: Roman Reigns vs. Big E

In the main event of WWE Survivor Series, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns took on WWE Champion Big E. Before the match, Paul Heyman told Kayla Braxton that he doesn’t know who stole Vince McMahon’s egg. Braxton broke the news to Heyman that Brock Lesnar’s suspension is no longer indefinite.

Big E got a small amount of offense at the start of the match but Reigns turned things around after Heyman gave him a pep talk. Big E took control of the match and he hit Reigns with clubbing forearms to the chest. He followed up with the splash on the ring apron but Reigns moved out of the way. Reigns hit back at Big E with the drive by dropkick on the apron area.

Reigns continued to dominate around ringside until Big E recovered enough to shoot Reigns into the steel steps. The match moved back into the ring and Big E hit consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes and followed up with the big splash. Big E went for a move off the ropes but Reigns caught him and hit the Samoan Drop and he followed up with a pin attempt. Reigns hit several clubbing forearms but E came back with a Uranage slam from the corner of the ring. E then went for a pin attempt and then the stretch muffler submission but Reigns broke free and turned it into a sit down powerbomb, followed by a pin attempt.

Big E sidestepped the Superman attempt but Reigns hit the Rock Bottom and he followed up with a pin attempt. The fans began to cheer “Rocky” after the Rock Bottom. Reigns hit 3 Superman punches in a row but E got back up and he attempted the Big Ending but Reigns slipped away and E drove Reigns to the floor with a spear through the ropes. E shoved Reigns back in the ring but Reigns came back with a spear and a very close near fall. Roman went for the guillotine submission but Big E drove him into the corner of the ring and he tried another spear through the ropes but Roman counted with a guillotine in the center of the ring. Big E powered out and he hit the Big Ending and he almost had the match won but Roman was able to get his hand on the bottom rope. E continued the attack around ringside and the barricade. E tried to ram Reigns into the stairs but Reigns countered and tossed E into them with the knees hitting the top of the stairs.¬†Reigns also hit a Superman punch off the steps and a spear in the ring to pin E and win the match.

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