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WWE Survivor Series results: Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre had an awesome match

In the main event of WWE Survivor Series, WWE Universal Champion faced WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a champion vs. champion match.

Micahel Cole noted that McIntyre has never been Reigns before and Money In The Bank briefcase holder The Miz is lurking.

This was a back and forth match with plenty of big man power moves. Late in the match we started seeing the near falls and kick outs from finishers.

Reigns went for a Superman punch but McIntyre turned it into a spinebuster into a pin attempt that Reigns kicked out of. Moments later, McIntyre hit a Glasgow kick but they countered each other until McIntyre hit the Futureshock DDT but Reigns kicked out.

Reigns eventually took over on offense and then he tried the spear but McIntyre countered into a Kimura lock. Reigns got to the ropes. At ringside, McIntyre charged at Reigns but Reigns caught him in a Samoan drop through the announcer’s table. The table didn’t break so he did it again. Reigns then speared McIntyre through the barricade and then he brought him into the ring but McIntyre kicked out of the pin attempt.

Reigns tried a spear but McIntyre kicked him. McIntyre went for the Claymore but Reigns caught him with a spear. McIntyre barely kicked out. Reigns went for a spear but McIntyre hit the Claymore and that knocked Reigns into the referee, who took a bump to the outside of the ring. Jey Uso ran out but was knocked off the ring by McIntyre. Reigns hit a low blow, Uso kicked McIntyre and Reigns hit the Superman punch and then he locked in the guillotine submission. Another referee ran out as the hold was locked in. McIntyre stood up but his legs buckled as he passed out. The ref called it for Reigns.

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