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WWE tag team breaks up in definitive fashion

It doesn’t really get that much more clear that a tag team is breaking up than if one partner attacks another and that’s exactly what happened on SmackDown Live this week.

The Hype Bros were trying their luck against The Bludgeon Brothers and Zack Ryder took some major damage and suffered a quick pinfall. After the match was over, they were interviewed and Zack said the Hype Bros needed to change. This time last year they were contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles and they’re losing every week now.

This is when Mojo Rawley inserted his two cents in the form of a brutal beat down. He pummelled tag team partner as Corey Graves said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I respect Mojo.”

The referees had to pull Mojo off of Ryder and this looks like the end of the Hype Bros. When he was asked backstage why he attacked Ryder, Mojo said: “the landscape has changed.”

But Zack Ryder doesn’t seem like he’s going to take this beating without issuing some kind of receipt in return.

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