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WWE tag team gets a makeover


Several months ago we noted that WWE had plans to repackage Los Matadores. In fact, they were supposed to be heels last year before plans were dropped. There was a segment that took place on an episode of Smackdown last year with Los Matadores turning heel on El Torito by putting him through a table. That was forgotten and never mentioned again on TV.

Primo and Epico Colon appeared in a vignette on this week's episode of Raw without the masks and without any references to the previous Matadores gimmick. Also, in recent months, there was talk of Carlito returning to the company. He was offered a deal late last year but turned it down because he was not happy with the money that was offered. He was still open to working out something with the company if they could come to a mutual agreement so it will be interesting to see if Carlito ends up joining Primo and Epico.

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