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WWE tag team to reunite in Impact Wrestling?

WWE / Impact Wrestling

WWE / Impact Wrestling

The teases by Impact Wrestling of some former WWE stars joining the promotion continues.

Of course, the promotion got fans talking with a recent promo to promote its next pay-per-view event, Slammiversary. The video featured a mystery man watching the commercial that featured several released WWE stars, who also worked in Impact before.

With WWE deciding to do a mass talent and staff release in April due to budget cuts and the talent being under a non-compete clause that expires next month before this event, Impact showed footage of several released WWE stars to get fans speculating.

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During Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, there was a backstage segment with Rhyno and Hakim Zane. The segment saw Zane try to talk Rhyno into becoming a tag team but Rhyno stated, "I've already got a tag team partner...and he's got kids."

Clearly, this was a reference to Rhyno’s former tag team partner in WWE, Heath Slater, who was one of many people released by WWE.

It should be noted that there’s been no word yet on what the future of Slater holds nor whether there has been any interest from Impact in signing Slater.

Perhaps Impact is just trying to get fans talking even more by doing this or it’s something that could lead to the arrival of Slater. You can watch the clip here: