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WWE takes their latest shot at The Young Bucks

WWE took their latest shot at The Young Bucks on last week's edition of Smackdown. During the segment with Mark Henry and Roman Reigns, Henry talked about Roman not being ready for Brock Lesnar and how he hasn't earned his respect yet. Henry said that these "young bucks" think they know it all and think they've done it all but they haven't been anywhere yet.

Bryan Alvarez, during his Raw recap on, talked about the Smackdown segment and wondered what it's like to be The Young Bucks right now knowing that they have WWE upset at them because they politely turned down a contract offer.

As noted before, it's no coincidence that WWE took the Buck's "Superkick Party" phrase and used it in a YouTube video last month to showcase a compilation of superkicks. It's also not a coincidence that they've had The Usos do more superkicks in their matches. There was a time when no one was allowed to do the superkick since that was a Shawn Michaels move. A couple of weeks ago the word got out that WWE was looking to trademark the old Kliq/NWO hand gesture that is currently used by The Young Bucks and The Bullet Club. The Young Bucks have been taking everything in stride. You can can check out the Young Buck's tweets on this and the segment between Henry and Roman Reigns from Smackdown below:

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