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WWE talent is reportedly frustrated, attempts to speak with Vince McMahon being ignored



As WWE reports record revenue in their latest earnings report, some of their wrestlers are privately expressing their unhappiness with how things are being run backstage and morale is said to be lower than ever.

Fightful is reporting that several of the WWE talent feel that they do not have a voice and they are reduced to making please on social media. There were no names listed in the report but Mustafa Ali has been public about wanting his release from WWE and it was notable that Cesaro "liked" tweets that include messages from fans expressing frustration that he was not included in the Men's Royal Rumble match.

Fightful also noted that another talent stated that they've never felt "less heard" and attempts to speak to Vince McMahon have gone ignored.

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Fightful also stated that there's a "wealth of discouraged and disappointed WWE talent who are frustrated with the direction of the company and the talent ranges from people who are rarely used, new names, and veterans. It was said that morale in the locker room has been decreasing. While no names were mentioned in the report, several of the ex-talent and personnel have talked about their frustrations. Scotty 2 Hotty, for example, asked for his release in November and later said in an interview that he was sad about seeing so many of his friends being let go.

Nick Khan has stated that WWE is not "actively" in sale talks but Fightful reports that there are several talent who believe that a sale will eventually happen because that is the only way to rationalize some of the decision making.