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WWE talent meeting earlier today and AEW was mentioned

For the first time ever, WWE has acknowledged to their talent that AEW is competition and basically admitted that they have a threat for the first time since the end of WCW.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Stephanie McMahon held a talent meeting today before the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. It was mostly the same rah-rah stuff as in previous meetings but this time McMahon mentioned AEW.

She touted WWE’s social media and YouTube statistics and mentioned that they have 1 billion followers. WWE counts every follower of every account, every wrestler and every platform as unique even though that is not the case.

McMahon then said that they have to compete with video games, movies, and other streaming services and AEW.

This would be the first time they’ve ever acknowledged a competing company. During the Monday Night War era, they would take shots at WCW but would never acknowledge them in meeting in a way that they thought they were worried about competition.


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