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WWE talent no longer allowed to appear on Chris Jericho’s podcast

Chris Jericho was on the “Jim North and Sam Roberts” radio show this week to talk about his projects and WWE came up.

Jericho said that WWE talent is no longer allowed to appear on his podcast because he is signed with All Elite Wrestling.

Jericho was asked if he has talked with Vince McMahon since signing with All Elite Wrestling. He responded, “I’ve talked with him a couple of times but I’m kind of public enemy number 1 there now. I’ve been kind of removed from the annals of history.”

Jericho continued, “I asked the other day if I could have a couple of their guys on my podcast to promote Mania and I was told ‘no, it’s not appropriate because you’re in AEW.’ I am banned from WWE.”

Jericho added that he’s been removed from some of WWE’s online videos. He said, “I know that they had to take some videos down from UpUpDownDown of me playing. They edited some stuff from the Edge and Christian Show that had my name on it.”

Jericho said AEW was a chance to do something different after 20 years with WWE. He put over how AEW is different from WWE because wrestlers have more freedom and noted that AEW will not be filled with ex-WWE stars.

It’s a great interview. Among many things, he also talked about the night he confronted Brock Lesnar backstage, his podcast, music, and much more.

You can listen to the interview via the Sirius XM app.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts” on SiriusXM with an h/t to for the transcription.

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