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WWE talent reportedly frustrated with Bruce Prichard

PWInsider reported today that the current creative in WWE falls directly in the hands of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

PWInsider also noted that someone in the company described Prichard as the most powerful person in the company who is not part of the McMahon family.

If you are a fan of what WWE is doing lately or if you aren’t a fan then you can point to Prichard as the person responsible for what you are seeing on Raw and SmackDown. Of course, McMahon has the final say with everything but PWI reports that Prichard is “very much the Gospel” for McMahon.

Furthermore, PWInsider says there is said to be a lot of frustration and heat with Prichard being expressed privately among the talent. has heard from wrestlers frustrated with their lack of TV time. Unfortunately, with so many people on the main roster, they aren’t going to find time for everyone. Some of that frustration is with Prichard but others have privately expressed frustration with the company in general for hiring so many people just to stack their roster.

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