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WWE teases possible Superstar romance angle

The WWE Mixed Match Challenge saw a lot of things go down. The Miz and Asuka might have won but that was probably only because WWE was holding onto Asuka’s undefeated streak at the time. Although Team Awe-ska might have won the whole thing everyone was talking about a possible budding romance between Team Little Big.

Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman were and still are two of the top members of the roster. Braun is currently the Monster In The Bank and Alexa Bliss is still the Raw Women’s Champion despite the fact she was recently flattened by Ronda Rousey. Now as they’re sitting on the top of Raw it looks like WWE might be teasing more than just a coworker relationship between the two once again.

Let it be clear Alexa Bliss is still with Buddy Murphy in real life but apparently there could be something else happening with her character soon enough. Because WWE recently updated their Twitter with a graphic of the two top Superstars holding up their prized possessions inside a heart.

If you watched their episode of Ride Along you could tell the WWE Network team edited it to show a little chemistry between the two of them. But they’re both super nice people and obviously friendly in real life so if WWE asks them to partner up on screen the angle could really excel. Only time will tell if Buddy Murphy will jump over from 205 Live to start a David and Goliath storyline although that’s highly unlikely since 205 Live Superstars aren’t around on Raw anymore.

This could be just something WWE’s social media team sent out and it’s another example of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. After all, the two of them haven’t had much to do with each other since the MMC’s conclusion. Only time will tell how far WWE will take this idea but it looks like there could be something else being teased for Team Little Big.


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