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WWE teases Zelina Vega dumping Andrade to join another Superstar

During the WWE TLC Kickoff show, there was more trouble between Zelina Vega and Andrade with Andrade blaming Vega again for his loss to Humberto Carrillo. It certainly looks like is WWE is planting the seeds for Andrade to turn face.

In a post-show interview, Carrillo talked about his win over Andrade and then he seemingly dropped a hint that perhaps, Zelina’s goal is solely to help him. It would make sense since Carrillo’s recent victories have been in matches against Andrade.

Carrillo said, “You know, based on what happened last week, I don’t know if Zelina is there to help Andrade or help me. Who knows?”

These post-show interviews usually plant the seeds for future angles so we could be seeing the first tease for Vega becoming Carrillo’s manager. Carrillo is one of Paul Heyman’s guys so that is part of the reason why he is getting a push. It will be interesting to see what Heyman has planned for him going forward.

Check out the backstage post-show interview below.

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