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WWE TLC 2015 PPV results: Reigns vs. Sheamus, Charlotte vs. Paige, new IC Champion crowned



Show: TLC

Location: Boston, MA at the TD Garden

Date: December 13th, 2015

Airing Live On The WWE Network

Welcome to the TLC Kickoff show on the WWE Network. Renee Young welcomes us into the show, and we get a shot of inside the arena. Corey Graves, Bryon Saxton, and Booker T are on the panel. Corey Graves, Bryon Saxton, and Booker T are on the panel. Tom Phillips hyped up the WWE Network and told fans not to buy the show on pay-per-view, but just sign up for the network to save yourself $40.

You can watch the Kickoff show at this link. 

There is a recap video package of The Wyatt - Team ECW shown. The Usos are shown talking in the back about how it's been a long roll back and tonight they’ll get the tag team titles. Lucha Dragons walk in and said that tonight is their night.

Paige is talking to Ric Flair backstage. Paige said that this night is all about him and not his daughter. Flair said that she is not the first women to slap him and will not be the last. Paige said that he’s never been there for his daughter. Paige went to slap him again, but he blocked it, and she walked away.

Team B.A.D sang Christmas songs and tried top act like The New Day.

Singles Match: Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch.

They lock up and exchange pin attempts early in the match. Banks landed a right hand then hit Lynch in the back with her knees as we cut to break.

We’re back with Banks in control of Lynch in a headlock. Lynch fought out and landed locked in her armbar finisher. Naomi kicked her off of Banks as Tamina distracted the referee. Banks hit the Bank Statement for the win.

Winner: Banks.

Alberto Del Rio took fan questions. He said that WWE is the major leagues of pro wrestling, and he’s a real fighter. He said that he is better than Jack Swagger and will destroy him.

The League of Nations is backstage talking about how they’re going to be dominant tonight.

The TLC pay-per-view kicks off with The New Day cutting a promo about being stars and how they’ll be on the next box cover of Wheaties. Why? Because New Day rocks.

Tag Team Title Ladder Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons.

A brawl broke out to begin the match. Big E threw ladders at Kalisto and The Usos. Kalisto and Kingston climbed the ladder in the ring, but The Usos dragged them down. New Day tossed The Usos out of the ring. Lucha Dragons hit an outside dive taking out New Day. The Usos threw the ladder out of the ring, which was caught by New Day and Dragons. Usos then hit a dive taking them out with the ladder. Big E took out the Usos by using the ladder. Kingston hit Jimmy with the ladder. Lucha Dragons and Big E fought over a ladder. Kalisto took him out with a dive. Cara hit Kingston with a dive with a ladder. The Lucha Dragons climb the ladder, but Big E pushed them off. The Usos brawl with New Day. Another ladder is brought into the ring. Jey hit a big splash to Kingston with a ladder. Lucha Dragons and Usos square off then attempt to climb the ladder. Kalisto hit a splash to Jey Uso then Sin Cara hit a monkey flip to Kalisto with a ladder. Kingston dropped the Dragons with some forearm strikes. Kalisto hit a hurricanrana to Kingston that sent him face first into a ladder. Jimmy and Kalisto battle it out on top of the ladder. Kalisto hit the Salida Del Sol to Jey off the ladder and crashed through a ladder. Cara hit a senton to Jey right after.

Big E hit a knee strike to Jimmy, but Jimmy fought back and sent him to the floor. Big E hit a forearm shot. Jimmy grabbed a ladder and hit a dive off the top rope taking him Big E. Xavier Woods grabbed the trombone and threw it at Kalisto. Kingston knocked Kalisto off the ladder. Kingston grabbed the titles and won the match.

Winners: New Day.

Singles Match: Ryback vs. Rusev.

Ryback hit some big moves early, but Rusev fought back when he shoved Ryback throat first into the ropes. Ryback reversed an Irish whip and hit a shoulder block to Rusev. Ryback with a knee strike then a drop kick for 2. Ryback hit a spine buster then missed the Shell Shock, but Rusev ducked out of the ring. Ryback chased him but accidentally knocked into Lana. Rusev hit him with a superkick. Back in the ring, Rusev covered him for 2. Ryback blocked the Accolade but ate a kick by Rusev. This led to Rusev locking in the Accolade for the win.

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Winner: Rusev.

U.S Title Chairs Match: Alberto Del Rio © vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger and Del Rio begin brawling. Swagger sent him into a pile of chairs. Del Rio grabbed won and hit him in the back with it. Del Rio went for a super kick, but Swagger threw a chair in his face. Swagger hit a series of clotheslines. Del Rio countered with a backbreaker for 2. Del Rio sent him to the floor into a pile of chairs. Del Rio for the armbar but Swagger countered and sent him into the ring post. Swagger rolled him up for 2. Swagger locked in the ankle lock with a chair, but Del Rio rolled out of the ring. Del Rio hit him in the gut with a chair. Del Rio off the top rope, but was caught, and Swagger hit a power slam then the Swagger Bomb for 2. Del Rio sent him into the corner then hit with some big chair shots to the back. Del Rio hit his finisher in the corner with Swagger following on the chairs.

Winner: Del Rio.

Team ECW cuts a backstage promo how when they’re together they give out punishment and that age is just number.

Elimination Eight-Man Tag Team Tables Match: Team ECW (Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and The Dudley Boyz) vs. The Wyatt Family.

All four men start brawling in the ring. Strowman missed a big boot and had his foot go through a table. Team ECW starts hitting Strowman with weapons. Rowan knocked all of them down and took out Devon with a wheel kick. Dreamer then hit a DDT to Rowan. Dudleys hit a 3-D on Rowan for the elimination.

Strowman sent Dreamer into the ring post while The Wyatts jump the rest of the group. Rhyno then hit two belly-to-bellies to Harper then Bray. Rhyno ran into a shoulder block by Bray and Harper hit a big boot that sent Rhyno through a table.

Devon with a series of shoulder tackles to Harper. Devon went to the top rope, but Harper knocked him down. Bubba attacked Harper from behind. Devon hit a clothesline to Bray. Devon set up a table and Bray put him through with a chokeslam.

Bubba and Dreamer attacked the family with some kendo sticks. Dreamer and Bubba then threw tables on Strowman. Harper hit a power slam to Dreamer. Harper then hit a dive out of the ring sending Dreamer through a table. Bubba hit a power slam to Harper. Bubba hit Wyatt with a kendo stick then a big boot. Bubba then put liter fluid on a table. Harper super kicked him and Strowman put him through the table.

Winners: Wyatt Family.

Kevin Owens cuts a promo while walking to the ring about Boston and how their sports teams have done nothing. Owens said that Dean Ambrose throwing soda and popcorn at this face means nothing because he drinks and eats every day. Owens said that after tonight he will prove why this is the Kevin Owens show.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

They start exchanging right hands until Owens got the upper hand. Ambrose fought back with a series of right hands then clotheslines him out of the ring. Ambrose then hit a dive taking out Owens. However, Owens sent him back first into the barricade then hit a running senton. Back in the ring, Ambrose hit a series of chops then a clothesline. Owens reversed an elbow drop and hit a suplex. Owens missed the cannonball in the corner and Ambrose hit an elbow drop for 2. Ambrose put Owens on the top rope, but Owens fought back and hit a front senton off the top rope for a near fall. Ambrose reversed the pop-up powerbomb and hit Dirty Deeds for 2. Ambrose ran at Owens and Owens countered to hit the pop-up powerbomb, but Ambrose blocked that and rolled him up for the win.

Winner and new champion: Ambrose.

Divas Title Match: Charlotte © vs. Paige.

Charlotte blindsides Paige with a forearm strike. Paige fought back with some kicks in the corner. Paige then connected with some knee strikes on the apron. Charlotte with an up kick, but missed the second one, and Paige hit a superkick for 2. Ric Flair distracted Paige and Charlotte attacked her from behind. Charlotte hit a neck breaker for 2. Paige knocked her down and locked in a headlock. Charlotte stood up then sat back to get Paige off of her. Charlotte went for the Figure Eight but blocked. Charlotte took out her left knee. Flair started to expose the turnbuckle, but the referee stopped him. Paige hit a series of kicks to Charlotte. Paige hit a running knee to the face of Charlotte. Paige locked in the Figure Four on Charlotte. Moments later, Charlotte fought out of it and went for a neck breaker, but blocked, and Paige hit a suplex for 2. Paige ran and was caught by Charlotte, who hit a DDT. Paige knocked her down then hit the RamPaige, but when Paige covered her, Flair put Charlotte’s on the bottom rope. Paige complained to the referee. Charlotte took off the turnbuckle and sent Paige face first then Charlotte pinned her.

Winner: Charlotte

Becky Lynch confronted Charlotte backstage about how she won the match. Charlotte said that she got the job done, and now it’s to party.

WWE Championship TLC Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns

The match starts with Reigns landing a huge right hand. The brawl out of the ring and to the ringside area. Reigns hit a big boot but ran into a powerslam by Sheamus. Reigns then clotheslines him out of the ring. They brawled towards the stage where Reigns sent him into a pile of tables. Reigns went for a powerbomb, but Sheamus blocked and back body dropped him through a table. Sheamus then suplexed him through a table. Sheamus hit White Noise off the ring steps through a table to Reigns. Back in the ring, Reigns reversed a move and sent Sheamus crashing back first on a ladder. Reigns hit a Superman Punch with a chair. Reigns went for another, but blocked, and Sheamus hit a backbreaker. Reigns fought back and hit a samoan drop to Sheamus through a ladder off the apron. The two battle it out on top of the ladder. Sheamus shoved Reigns off, and he went crashing down hard. Sheamus climbed the ladder, but Reigns popped up and hit a Superman Punch to Sheamus that sent him crashing through a table. Alberto Del Rio and Rusev ran down and attacked Reigns. However, Reigns fought back and hit a Superman Punch to both men. Sheamus hit Reigns with a Brogue Kick that sent him to the floor. Sheamus climbed the ladder and got the title.

Winner: Sheamus.

Sheamus celebrated in the ring with Del Rio and Rusev. Reigns hit a spear to Rusev and Del Rio. Reigns snapped and started hitting all three men with a chair. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with several referees ran down to stop him. Triple H claimed him down then checked on Sheamus. Reigns hit Triple H with a Superman Punch then with a chair. Reigns power bombed him on the announce table, but it did not break. Reigns then hit an elbow drop on HHH to break the table. Reigns walked towards the stage as Triple H was helped to his feet. Reigns then ran down to ringside and speared HHH. The then ended.