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WWE TLC results: Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin

After weeks of cowardly attacks, Roman Reigns finally got his hand on Baron Corbin in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at the WWE TLC pay-per-per-view on Sunday night.

Corbin kicked out of a pin attempt after the Superman punch a few minutes into the match but it was clear that this would not be the finish since they had yet to use most of the furniture at ringside and fans chanted “we want tables.”

While Reigns set up a table in the ring, Corbin hit him with a can of dog food and then chokeslammed Reigns through a table. Reigns kicked out of the pin attempt. Moments later, Reigns battled back as the action spilled to ringside and he hit a Samoan Drop on Corbin through the announcer’s table. Reigns was about to do a spear onto Corbin but Dolph Ziggler appeared and hit him with a superkick. For whatever reason, Ziggler and Corbin attacked the timekeeper at ringside. Reigns fought back but he had to fight off members of Corbin’s security with a kendo stick. The Revival ran down to attack Reigns with kendo stick shots but Reigns was able to fight them off. Reigns did a giant dive out of the ring onto Corbin, Revival and the security team at ringside.

Reigns was about to finish off Corbin but ZIggler nailed him with a chair to the face and a Zig Zag and then The Revival hit him with the shatter machine. Corbin hit End of Days and then pinned Reigns to win the match. This feud will continue.

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