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WWE TLC 2014 results: Bray Wyatt beats Dean Ambrose; John Cena beats Seth Rollins

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Cleveland, Ohio
December 14, 2014

Kickoff Show

The panel consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Paul Heyman. Fans are still filing into the arena. The show started off with the panel talking about some of the matches.

Dolph Ziggler is taking questions on twitter at #AskZiggler. They aired a WWE Network commercial. Then they showed a video package for the Ambrose/Wyatt feud.

Backstage, Naomi tells The Miz that she doesn’t trust him and she’ll make it on her own. Miz says he knows she’s not talking and it’s her husband talking. Naomi said she’s not falling for it. Miz said he’s married too and his wife is not jealous and this music deal will not always be on the table and the window ends tonight. Miz said that he does good things for good people when he’s in a good mood so if he’s champion then she can guarantee that she’ll be signed. Naomi said her number focus is WWE and becoming Divas champion. Miz told her to think about it and if he wins tonight then she wins tonight because all doors will open for her.

They have tables, ladders, chairs, and stairs set up in the entranceway. Ziggler answered questions in the social media lounge with Tom Phillips.

We see JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler. The first match is up next.

The New Day vs. Gold & Stardust – Kofi and Goldust started the match. Xavier stood at ringside. There was a dive spot to the outside from Kofi to both Gold and Stardust. Kofi got on offense foe a couple of minutes but was distracted by Goldust as he was about to climb the ropes. He was rammed into the ringpost and barricade by Goldust. Goldust would tag out as Stardust would take over on Kofi. Stardust took a nasty looking back bodydrop to the outside from Kofi. Goldust would come in illegally and then tag in his brother.  Big E tagged in and cleared house with a belly to belly, a spear, and another belly to belly. Big E went for the Big Ending A(now called the Midnight Hour) but Goldust got involved and distracted Big E. They got Goldust out of the ring and then hit the Big Ending on Stardust. The New Day wins. Nothing special about this match.

The panel recapped some more matches. Ziggler vs. Harper will kick off the pay-per-view.

WWE TLC 2014 results

The show starts with a video package with clips of cars and monster trucks crashing.

Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper (Ladder match, IC title) – There are different sized ladders set up around the ring. Dolph got a nice reception from his hometown crowd. Both of them brought ladders in the ring right away. Harper caught up to Ziggler and pushed him into a ladder that was set up at ringside. Then Ziggler was sent flying over the timekeepers area. Harper climbed the ladder but Dolph pushed the ladder, Harper landed on his feet and hit Dolph in the face with a big boot. Harper set up a ladder bridge from the ring to the announce table. He sideslams Ziggler to the mat at ringside and then tosses a chair on him. Harper went to climb again but Dolph stopped him. Harper hit Ziggler with a left hand and pushed a ladder onto him. Harper with all of the offense for the first few minutes. He hit Ziggler in the head with the ladder a couple more times. He charged at Ziggler but Ziggler hit back with the ladder. Ziggler climbed up to the top rope and was about to do a spot but Harper kicked him off the top rope to the outside. Harper tossed the ladder onto Ziggler at ringside. Harper dove head first through the ropes onto Ziggler. I don’t know how he didn’t break his arm on that. He looks like he got hurt bad. Ziggler ran in the ring and set up the ladder and started climbing. Harper got in the ring. Dolph kicked him off. Harper pushed the ladder, Ziggler bounced off the top rope. Harper’s arm doesn’t seem to be broken but he’s squeezing his hand so he must be hurting bad. Harper went to pick up Dolph but Dolph hit him with a dropkick. Dolph goes for the famouser, Harper catches him and slams him back first on a ladder that’s bridged in the corner of the ring. Ziggler has marks over his body already. Slingshot move by Harper on Ziggler with a ladder over Ziggler so he slingshotted into the ropes with the ladder. Harper pushes Ziggler out of the ring. Ziggler is bleeding on his forehead from that spot probably. The WWE doc comes to try and stop the bleeding. Dolph shoves the doc and runs up the ladder. He and Harper trade punches and both fall off the ladder. Harper brings another (bigger) ladder in the ring. Harper goes for a powerbomb but Ziggler turns it into a facebuster on Harper onto a ladder. Ziggler sets up the big ladder. Ziggler climbs. Harper pulls him off but Ziggler catches him in a DDT. Dolph tries to set up a move with a ladder from the corner but Harper hits him several times with his own ladder. Harper had the ladder over his head. Dolph superkicks him. Harper’s arm appears to be cut. Ziggler hits Harper with a ladder causing Harper to fall on the ladder bridge that was set up earlier at the announce table. Ziggler climbs but Harper runs back in and pushes Ziggler off. Ziggler takes a nasty looking fall in the ring near the corner. Fans chant “this is awesome.” Harper sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Ziggler uses one ladder from the corner of the ring to bridge to the ladder in the middle of the ring. Harper gets back up and hits Ziggler with a punch to the back. Harper sets up a second ladder next to Ziggler’s. Ziggler superkicks Harper. Ziggler grabs the title. NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. Pretty good match but far from the best ladder match in WWE history.

Commercial for WWE Tribute to the Troops.

Eden is ring announcing now.

The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow – The Usos come out with their Slammys. Great reaction for Mizdow as usual. Jey started the match with Miz. Mizdow suplexed hiimself and tossed himself through the ropes. Naomi is watching on the monitor backstage. Miz went for the figure four but Jimmy turned into a half boston crab. Miz was able to get to the ropes to break it. Miz goes for skull crushing finale but Jimmy reverses and hits a superkick. Jimmy goes for a splash but Miz rolls out of the ring and is about to walk off. Jimmy does a dive. Miz puts Mizdow in front of him. Miz hits The Usos with the Slammy. The ref calls for the bell. The Usos win by DQ but Miz and Mizdow retain the titles. Cheap finish for a pay-per-view.

Byron Saxton interviews Seth Rollins backstage. J&J are with him. Seth says he wants to take a second to dedicate his victory tonight to people near and dear to his heart, The Authority. He said they are not here because Cena concocted a plan to get them out of power. He said the man responsible is the vigilante Sting and he’s nowhere to be found so Cena will pay starting tonight. Rollins says he doesn’t need to make Cena submit or get pinned. He just needs to put him through a table. He says Cena will realize that the future has arrived and everything that Cena has worked for (the title opportunity) will be gone….up in smoke. He said Cena will realize that he will stop at nothing until Cena brings the Authority back.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan (Stairs match) – they showed a tale of the tape for the stairs claiming that the top of the stairs weights 87 lbs and total weight is 285 lbs. They say the stairs can withstand 2200 lbs. Yea sure. They fought outside of the ring within the first minute. Show slammed Rowan on the mat at ringside and then pushed him into the steel stairs. Show tried to bring in steps into the ring but Rowan dropkicked the stairs and knocked Show down. Big Show is down outside the ring. Rowan kicks Show in the gut and sets up 3 stairs as a wall at ringside. Show grabs Rowan and rams him into the post. Show dumps Rowan over the barricade by the timekeeper. Show sets up stairs on the announce table and rams Rowan into another set of stairs in the corner. Cole tells JBL to move the steps from the announce table but JBL says he can’t lift them. Yawn. Show hit Rowan in the stomach with another set of stairs. Show takes the steps from the announce table and puts it in the ring. Show rams Rowan into the corner where theres a set of stairs wedged in between the ropes. Show rams him there again and then clotheslines him. Rowan has a cut on his knuckle. This is a very slow match. Some fans tried to get a NXT chant. Rowan fights back and slams Show on top of Stairs in the ring. Show is laying out of it on the stairs. Rowan gets the other set from the ropes and dives onto Show from the second rope. Show moved but Rowan clipped him on his side. Rowan rolls out to ringside. Show tackles Rowan through the wall of stairs that was set up earlier. They get back in the ring. Show picks up stairs, Rowan kicks them and knocks them into Show’s head. Show chokeslams Rowan onto stairs in the ring and then hits the KO punch. Show goes for the pin with steel stairs on top of Rowan. Big Show wins. I’m so happy this match is over.

The new Total Divas commercial without Naomi and Summer Rae aired.

Lilian Garcia introduces Paul Heyman. He will be at ringside during this match.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (Tables Match) – J&J Security are at ringside. Cena tried to bring in a table early in the match but Mercury and Noble pulled it back out. The distraction allowed Seth to beat up on Cena. Seth then grabbed a table from under the ring. Cena ran out and punched Seth. Cena put Seth back in the ring and then brought in a table. Noble and Mercury tried to get the table out of the ring again but ended up in a tug of war with Cena. They fell backwards. .Rollins sets up a tale on the turnbuckle. Cena went to pick up Rollins but Mercury and Noble ran in and tossed the table out of the ring and kicked Cena allowing Rollins to get back on offense. Rollins sets a table up standing in the corner of the ring. Cena tried to get an AA on Rollins but J&J broke that up again. John fights back and gets a steel barricade and uses it on J&J and Rollins. Cena suplexes Noble onto the barricade in the aisleway. Mercury hits Cena and picks him up to allow Rollins to superkick Cena. Cena with the AA on Mercury near the timekeepers area. Now it’s Cena vs. Rollins one on one. Rollins sets up 2 tables side by side at ringside. Rollins goes for a suplex on Cena from the apron but Cena turns it around and suplexes Rollins into the ring. Cena back bodydrops Rollins to the outside in front of the announce table. Cena grabs a table and brings it into the ring. Rollins hits Cena with the briefcase several times. Rollins mocks Cena with the 5 knuckle shuffle but Cena kicks Rollins and picks him up for an AA. Ref is knocked down. Rollins lands on his feet, Rollins kicks Cena. Cena falls on the table. Rollins goes to the top for a curb stomp but Cena punches Rollins. Cena with an AA off the top through the table but….the ref didn’t see it. J&J get back in the ring, attack Cena, and get rid of the evidence of the broken table. They try for a triple powerbomb through a table but Cena fights back. Cena hits an AA on both Mercury and Noble through a table at the same time. Cena and Rollins fight on the apron on the side of the ring where the two tables are set up at ringside. They both fall through a table. The ref saw that and called for the bell. Now the ref realizes what happened and is talking with other referees. The referee restarts the match. Rollins does a crazy dive onto Cena at ringside. Rollins tears apart the announce table. Cena hits an AA on Rollins on the announce table but the table doesn’t break so the match continues. Big Show comes down and punches Cena in the ribs. Then Roman Reigns comes out through the crowd, superman punch on Show, and spears show through a table. He hits a superman punch on Rollins. Cena with the AA on Rollins through the table. Cena wins.

WWE Royal Rumble commercial.

The panel talked about what’s happened so far on the show.

Byron Saxton interviews Nikki Bella. Brie is with her. Nikki says she’s sick of talking about AJ and AJ is jealous because she has a lot of things that she doesn’t. Brie is sick and tired of people casting judgment on her and her sister and she says nothing will ever come between that.

Eden is ring announcing.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship) – Brie cheered her sister on during the whole match. Late in the match Nikki caught AJ with a roundhouse kick off the second rope. AJ hit a Shining Wizard and went for the cover but Brie put her sisters foot on the ring. The ref told Brie to leave. As the ref was doing that Nikki sprayed something in AJ’s face. Nikki hits the rack attack and gets the pin. Nikki Bella retains. Doctors checked on AJ.

Tom Phillips interviews Roman Reigns backstage. Roman says he told the whole world that he’d be back and he knew that he’d be back to make an impact by spearing Big Show and punching Rollins in the mouth. Roman Reigns declares that he will be in the Royal Rumble match. He stumbled through his lines. commercial.

Ryback vs. Kane (Chairs Match) – They both brought in chairs but clanked chairs and dropped them at the start of the match. Kane was the first to use a chair and hit Ryback in the stomack and back and then wedged it in the corner. Ryback shoved Kane into the chair in the corner. At one point Ryback did 3 splashes off the second rope onto Kane and then hit Kane with shots with the chair. Ryback tried for another splash but Kane got his knees up with the chair and it backfired on Ryback. Kane set up a chair on the turnbuckle, picked up Ryback and dropped him onto that chair. Kane DDT’s Ryback onto a chair. The crowd has been dead for most of this show. This match is no exception. Kane big boots Ryback while Ryback is sitting on a chair mid ring. Ryback fights back with a belly to belly suplex. Fans still dead. Ryback gets a chair but Kane big boots him and hits him repeatedly with the chair. Kane tosses a bunch of chairs into the ring. Kane sets up 2 chairs, tries to pick up Ryback but Ryback slams Kane in between both chairs and hits Kane with a chair several times. Ryback was going for hte meat hook but Kane threw a chair at him. Kane with a chokeslam, cover…2 count. Ryback fights back, gets shell shock and pins Kane. Ryback wins.

WWE Super Strikers toy commercial. Then a commercial for WWE Week on USA.

Eden is ring announcing.

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (United States title match) – Lana is about to do a promo before the match but is interrupted by Swagger’s entrance before she can say more than 5 words. Swagger went for the Patriot lock early but Rusev countered and got the Accolade locked in. Swagger got to the bottom rope though. Rusev pulled Swagger back and locked in The Accolade again. Swagger broke The Accolade and locked in the Patriot lock. Rusev broke it by kicking Swagger in the face. Rusev kicked Swagger in the face again at ringside and then again back in the ring. He locks in The Accolade again. This time Swagger passes out and the ref calls for the bell. Rusev wins. The Russian flag hangs as Rusev holds up his title and celebrates.

Royal Rumble commercial featuring John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. They dubbed it “The Final Chapter.”

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match) – Ambrose tossed a ladder at Wyatt as Wyatt was about to get in the ring. They brawled in the aisleway to start the match. Ambrose dives through the ropes onto Wyatt by the announcers. Ambrose gets on the announce table and jumps off and drives his forearm into Wyatt. Wyatt and Ambrose fight into the crowd. There’s an area by the Kickoff show and there’s a ladder set up there. Ambrose dives off the Kickoff show table onto Wyatt. Fans chant “this is awesome.” They get back to ringside. Dean hits Wyatt repeatedly with a chair. Ambrose tosses a chair in the ring and then sets up a table at ringside. He brings kendo sticks into the match and Wyatt is on all fours looking up staring at Ambrose. Cole said Wyatt was sacrificing himself. Ambrose hit Wyatt over the head and stomach with the kendo stick and then did a Russian leg sweep with the stick. Then he go ton the second rope and dove onto Ambrose with the chair. No offense for Wyatt yet. Wyatt is now sitting in a chair. Ambrose goes to the top, Wyatt gets up and punches Ambrose. Ambrose falls off the top through the table set up at ringside. Wyatt hits Dean repeatedly with the stick. Wyatt rammed Ambrose into the point of the stick that was sitting in the corner. Wyatt brought in a small ladder and used it on Ambrose. Ambrose falls on the ladder. Bray hits a running sentan on Ambrose. Cover. 2 count. Ambrose moved out of the way when Wyatt went for a splash. Wyatt ran into the ladder in the corner of the ring instead. Ambrose with a running bulldog. He sets up a ladder on the turnbuckle. Then he jumps off the top turnbuckle with the ladder on it. Cover. 2 count. Ambrose with a running dropkick on Wyatt while Whatt is tied up on the ropes. Then a leg drop from the second rope onto a chair. Cover. 2 count. Dean went for Dirty Deeds but Bray countered and almost hit Sister Abigal. Dean gets out, hits the ropes and gets hit with a nasty clothesline from Bray. They’re fighting at ringside again and the aisleway around the tables, ladders, and chairs. Dean sets Bray up on a table, Dean climbs up the ladder and gets near the top and comes down with an elbow onto Wyatt through the table on the aisleway. He brings Bray up the aisle some more, sets up Bray on another table. Dean gets a bigger ladder. Dean gets near the top and dives with an elbow through the table on Bray from higher up. They get back in the ring. Bray hits a surprise Sister Abigail. Cover. Almost a 3 count. Bray tries for another Sister Abigal but Ambrose reverses and rolls him up. 2 count. Ambrose rams Wyatt into a ladder in the corner. He hits the Dirty Deeds. Pin attempt. 2 count. Both men roll out of the ring. Ambrose grabs a computer monitor that is still on and sets it in the corner of the ring. He walks to the stage area and grabs a massively large ladder. Some of the crowd boos. He sets up the ladder in front of the spanish announcers and asks them to leave. He rips out the monitors and cover of the table so he’s setting Bray up for a spot. Bray gets up and hits Ambrose with chair shots. Bray hits Ambrose with headbutts. Ambrose turns it around and jams Bray’s neck into the chair. He sets Bray up on the spanish announce table. Dean climbs up the big ladder and dives off of it with an elbow. The announcers table breaks. Fans chant “holy sh*t.” Ambrose rolls Bray into the ring. Dean grabs the monitor but its hooked up and he pulls it. The monitor explodes in his face and blinds Ambrose. Bray takes advantage and hits Sister Abigail and gets the pin. Bray Wyatt wins. Referees and the doctor check on Ambrose.

That’s the end of the show. The TLC Fallout show airs after this with the panel.

After TLC went off the air, the referees and the WWE doctor stayed in the ring with Dean Ambrose. Fans cheered and clapped for Dean Ambrose as he stood up. Ambrose stomped on the television monitor. His music played as fans clapped.

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