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WWE to drop the WWE Magazine division; WWE Network loses 10,000 subscribers this month

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer radio that the subscriber numbers as of a couple of days ago for the WWE Network are at 690,000. The number that WWE released today was for the period up to June 30th so that means that they've actually lost 10,000 subscribers in the last month.

The good news is that the company is in better finanical shape because of the cost cutting and that explains why their stock is doing well today.

For those people in Canada, if you don't hav Rogers Cable, they will distribute the WWE Network to other cable providers as a television station and a digital station.

WWE will be dropping the magazine division. If a magazine distribution company wants to take over the WWE Magazine then WWE will look at that option but as of now the magazine department is no more.

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As part of the budget cuts, they'll be cutting back on people that they bring to their TV tapings. They will also be cutting back on special effects. As a result of all of the budget cuts, they don't need a huge network subscription number and they'll likely break even next year.