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WWE to use CGI effects in Eye for an Eye match, latest on Rey Mysterio’s contract

The latest update on the Eye for an Eye match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio at WWE Extreme Rules comes from Dave Meltzer.

WWE has already confirmed that the only way there can be a winner is if the wrestler pulls out an eye of his opponent.

Per the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea is to tape the match in advance and use some form of CGI effects to simulate an eye being pulled out as the finish.

This comes at a time where Mysterio has been working without a contract with WWE. Despite the chance that he could appear for another promotion, WWE has yet to agree on a new deal with Mysterio and is still using him on television.

Up to this point, Mysterio has been working on the same terms as his previous deal with WWE that was supposed to be for 18-months. We noted earlier on the site that both sides have been in talks for a new deal. In fact, earlier this week it was reported that Mysterio asked Vince McMahon for a raise, but McMahon denied him the request.

WWE originally did an angle where Rollins sent Mysterio’s eye into a steel step that was part of an injury storyline as it was a way to write Mysterio off television in case he didn’t sign a new contract.

The latest on Mysterio’s attempt to get a new deal done is that he didn’t accept the reasoning behind his raise being denied. The reason for that is due to him being aware of how top officials in the company want higher profits for this year and WWE having big money television deals in place with FOX and the USA Network.

Mysterio also has the distinction that he’s a big enough star that he would likely be the exception. Because of the way that WWE has handled this, Mysterio is legally allowed to negotiate with other companies if there’s any interest in signing him.

Also, if Mysterio doesn’t sign a new deal, the situation of possibly losing his eye is apparently a way to make it appear to fans that he’s not medically fit like he was back in WWE should he join another promotion.

Regarding Mysterio’s son, Dominick, WWE apparently forgot about him for months. However, that quickly changed when WWE and Mysterio started talking about a new deal. Thus, Dominick was brought back into the storylines for this current angle.

Bringing back Dominick is one reason WWE is believed to be the frontrunner in signing Mysterio to a new deal.


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