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WWE to use the same new stage setup for both Raw and SmackDown?



There is a lot of excitement for WWE and fans of the company as they return to live event touring tonight with SmackDown in Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center.

It’s been reported and even confirmed by Stephanie McMahon that a new stage setup is going to be used when the company is back on the road with fans.

WrestleVotes noted the new stage setup is up at SmackDown and was told the same stage is expected to be used for both Raw and SmackDown although there could be a minor difference.

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“Being told the new entrance stage is set up in Houston. It looks like a giant tron, but will be very impressive for the fans watching at home. Also hearing the same set (possibly w/ a minor difference) will be used for both RAW & SmackDown.”

Since the brand split, WWE has used different sets for both Raw and SmackDown. Because the sets are made out of LED screens, it’s easier to transport and if something breaks, they can just change out the screens.

WWE has used the same stage for both Raw and SmackDown during the COVID-19 pandemic.