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WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl getting heat with some main roster stars

WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, who is going by the name Bronson Matthews in NXT, is not making too many friend son the main roster. Josh got into a Twitter war with Kevin Owens after he commented on The Social Outcasts group. Stardust chimed in before blocking him. He posted the following tweet that has since been deleted:

Check it out here:

Yup.. I like it..

Owens, Stardust and Curtis Axel commented on Bredl's tweet with these tweets:

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UPDATE: The reason that Bredl got so much heat for his comments is because the main roster and NXT stars felt like that his tweet was a disrespectful shot to the Social Outcasts.

Bredl earned a $250,000 contract when he won Tough Enough and had no previous wrestling experience before the show as he came straight from playing football into pro wrestling while the wrestlers under contract with WWE had to earn their spots.