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WWE trying to get former champion to return



When someone used to walk out of WWE it meant that they were off to seek their fortune elsewhere. While that is often still the case it looks like one recently departed WWE Superstar might be coming back sooner than expected.

Neville walked out before Raw on October 9th and many people thought that was it for Neville. After all, he seemed to take off his crown and The King Of The Cruiserweights went home.

PW Insider is now reporting their sources have told them Neville and WWE are speaking once again and some expect to see him back by the end of the month. The two sides are talking and apparently, the discussions are going very well. One source, although it wasn't confirmed said they wouldn't be surprised to see Neville back by the end of the week.

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When Neville took off from WWE it seemed as though he was going to set out and make a bigger name for himself like Drew McIntyre. But WWE still hasn't released him from his contract. Therefore the lines of communication haven't been totally severed. So the thinking is he might be coming back very soon.

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