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WWE turning Lacey Evans heel already?



Tonight on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, WWE aired the final chapter of the Lacey Evans story.

Evans talked about her father overdosing two months before her WWE tryout and another family member overdosed during the same timeframe. Evans said another family overdosed just before she made her NXT debut and she then decided to do what was best for her and her mental health.

Evans talked about this being her time to show the world and wanting to break the cycle and her plans are to eventually win the SmackDown Women's Championship. That was followed up with ring announcer Samanta Irvin stating that fans have seen the "true Lacey Evans story" but before she walks out she wanted the fans to "show the proper respect" and that they should applaud and welcome her.

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For those of you who haven't been following WWE for many years, the line about the "proper respect" has been used by WWE for decades for heel characters. In fact, it was a line used all the time in the late '80s by "Ravishing" Rick Rude before his matches. Vince McMahon used the "proper respect" line during promos in the Attitude Era.

The faux babyface character that is actually a heel has also been something that Vince McMahon has gone back to many times. One of the most notable examples is Kurt Angle. When he debuted, they aired vignettes for him that made it seem like he was a babyface but after a few weeks, it was made clear to fans that he was an insincere babyface who was really a heel.

It's too early to know for sure, but the line used for Evans' introduction seemed to lean a little towards her being an insincere babyface who is actually a heel.