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WWE Universal Championship match set for Survivor Series


The WWE Universal Championship match is set for the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Daniel Bryan appeared on Miz TV in the closing segment of Friday Night SmackDown. The Miz grilled Bryan and asked where the real Daniel Bryan is. Miz then said that The Fiend thinks Daniel Bryan is washed up and he wants to end him.

Bryan said that maybe he is washed up and mentally unstable but he said he still has passion. Things got heated when Bryan told Miz to shut his mouth. Bryan called himself a man who is mentally unstable but also a man with passion and he sees Wyatt as the only other person out there who is just like him.

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Wyatt appeared from his Fun House on the big screen shown to the arena. Wyatt pulled out his Universal Championship but Bryan declined as Wyatt's puppets urged Bryan to say "yes." Bryan then said he wanted a fight and said: "let's do it for the Universal Championship."

The segment ended with Wyatt leading "yes" chants. So the match is on for Survivor Series.

Click below to see the full segment.