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WWE uses Daniel Bryan chants from Smackdown for Vince McMahon’s WWE Network promo

We noted earlier this week in the Smackdown spoilers that Big Show came out at the tapings and told the audience that Daniel Bryan would be getting elbow surgery. We also noted that Big Show led the crowd in “YES” chants and that the segment was being filmed so they could send it to Daniel Bryan. Well, for those that missed Smackdown, Eden introduced Vince McMahon and then they inserted Vince McMahon’s “Free November” announcement for the WWE Network where he does the “YES” chant. They inserted the crowds “YES” chants from Big Show’s segment into McMahon’s announcement and they inserted the video in post-production to make it look like the video was playing to the crowd in the arena. Eden’s introduction of Vince McMahon was done after Smackdown and edited in post-production to make it sound like she was in the arena.

The segment did not air on the international broadcasts.

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