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WWE wanted fans to cheer Charlotte Flair and turn on Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell



As we wrote about last night, it was clear that WWE did not want Charlotte Flair to get booed last night at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. WWE management still wants fans to think that Flair is the babyface and Lynch is the heel in the current storyline, despite Road Dogg saying on Twitter that he just wants fans to make a choice.

"The idea of the match was to slowly turn Charlotte babyface," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "They knew that Becky Lynch was gonna get cheered and the idea was to slowly get it to where by the end Charlotte was the babyface and then Becky Lynch screwed her and beat her to win the title. That was the plan. That's what it was supposed to be."

Meltzer added that there were supposed to be a few subtle heel things in the match that the fans were supposed to pick up on. It didn't look like fans realized it or they didn't care because Lynch got a big babyface reaction for her spots and when she won the title.

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