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WWE wants to keep Aleister Black away from AEW



Despite the rumors that Aleister Black could be on his way to AEW, there continues to be talk from executives in WWE about bringing him back.

PWInsider reported today that there continues to be a lot of talk about Black and that talk extends to the top executives. The feeling among people in the company was that releasing him was a premature decision.

Black started a feud with Big E on SmackDown shortly before being released so it was clear that there were plans for him. The feud kicked off after weeks of vignettes leading up to him coming back as a heel.

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PWI added that the interest from AEW has sparked additional discussion about bringing Black back to WWE so keeping him away from the competition seems to be a factor here in the discussions. It remains to be seen if WWE actually moves forward with an offer. An offer does not necessarily mean that he will accept it, especially with AEW showing interest in him.

During podcast interviews, Black has been honest about some of his frustrations regarding the direction of his character but he has also not bashed the company and that likely has kept him in WWE's good graces.