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WWE will re-air the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown



The Raw after WrestleMania airs tonight on the USA Network. Not much has been announced for the show but we know that the show was taped on the same week as the WrestleMania tapings and tonight's show should get the ball rolling on new storylines.

WWE will continue to show older content to fill time on Raw and SmackDown and, according to Bryan Alvarez, it looks like the Boneyard Match will air on Raw tonight for fans that did not see it on Saturday night. Alvarez also noted that WWE plans on re-airing the Firefly Fun House match this Friday on SmackDown.

Alvarez said the following on Wrestling Observer Live: "I believe that they are going to replay the Boneyard Match on Raw tonight and they are going to replay the Firefly Fun House on SmackDown on Friday. So the casual fan is going to see all of this."

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So, if you didn't watch WrestleMania and heard the buzz surrounding those matches, then you can tune in tonight and Friday night to watch those match.

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