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WWE women’s matches are getting less time, Dana Brooke calls out Corey Graves during Raw match

Corey Graves buried Dana Brooke again this week on WWE Monday Night Raw but this time, Brooke fired back.

Graves said that Brooke should be worrying about her opponent and not what he says on commentary.  At one point during the match when she was on offense, Brooke yelled to Graves, “did you see that?” Baszler won the match quickly after a knee to the face and then Graves had more to say about Brooke.

For those of you wondering, the Brooke vs. Baszler match lasted just 1 minute and 22 seconds. The two Queens Crown matches on SmackDown lasted just under 4 minutes combined so it appears that things are regressing back to the Divas era.

Last week dring Raw, Graves said that sometimes you have to “cut your losses” because Dana Brooke “has not accomplished much of anything.”

What Graves said seemed out of place and it’s possible that he was just repeating what Vince McMahon was saying in his ear. The other possibility is that this is something being done to give Brooke a storyline. Brooke also fired back last week to Graves on Instagram.

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