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WWE won’t suspend Brock Lesnar for failed UFC drug tests



WWE will not suspend Brock Lesnar despite the fact that he failed two USADA drug tests. As noted, Lesnar failed tests from his sample collected on June 28 and July 9 leading up to his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Lesnar reportedly tested positive for Clomiphene, which is an anti-estrogen blocker that is on the banned list.

WWE issued this statement to TMZ:

“WWE’s talent wellness program does not apply to part-time performers such as Brock Lesnar.”

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WWE's wellness policy states that all talent "under contract to WWE who regularly perform in-ring services as a professional sports entertainer" are subject to drug testing. Lesnar has wrestled in 19 matches over the last 3 years and he has appeared on a handful of shows for non-wrestling segments. I guess this also answers the question as to whether names like The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H are tested.

Lesnar returns to WWE TV on next Monday’s episode of RAW to hype his match with Randy Orton at the SummerSlam PPV.