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WWE working on an Owen Hart DVD/Blu-Ray documentary release

UPDATE (5/8/15): Martha Hart is NOT in support of DVD as previously reported. Click here to read her statement. broke the news that many fans of Owen Hart (including me) have been waiting for. WWE is working on putting together a biographical DVD and Blu-Ray on the life and career of Owen Hart.

They noted that this is being done with the full backing and support of Owen's widow Martha Hart. This is big news because Martha and WWE have been at odds for years. Martha launched a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE and settled out of court for a reported $18 million in 2000. She used that money to start the Owen Hart Foundation, a charity for university/college scholarships for children in need, and gave some of the money to Owen's parents. WWE has always wanted to produce the documentary on Owen but Martha had refused to work with WWE and there had been a long legal battle over royalties that Martha claimed were not paid by WWE to her and Owen's children for using Owen's likeness on DVD footage.

All of that seems to be in the past and the documentary will be produced which is great news for all fans of Owen Hart.

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