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WWE WRESTLEMANIA 31 RESULTS: New WWE Champion, The Undertaker returns, Cena is the new US Champ, NWO vs. DX, Sting, Ronda Rousey and The Rock, more

WWE WrestleMania 31 results
March 29, 2015
San Jose, California

Live WrestleMania results

WWE KickOff (Pre-Show)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defend against The Usos, The New Day, and Los Matadores.

Cesaro rammed Jey Uso into the barricade at ringside early in the match. Jimmy has to wrestle without Jey because they took Jey to the back. These guys are getting a lot of time. Tyson used his wife as a shield at one point. Torito got involved and did a dive and hurricanrana on Kofi. Nattie put Torito in the sharpshooter at ringside. Naomi and Jimmy both dove on everyone at ringside. Naomi hits the rear view on Nattie. Lots of action. Everyone hit their finisher towards the end of the match. Jey got a splash on Big E but Cesaro pulled him off and got the pin instead. Great match.

Tom Phillips interviewed Lita backstage. She talked about doing appearances with Lita and said she and Trish are in talks to do something on WWE Network.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Names announced so far: The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Mizdow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry, Konnor, Viktor, and Hideo Itami.

The story here was Big Show was dominant. He has never won a battle royal before. Show, at one point, came close to being eliminated by the New Day but he would eliminate both of them. Cesaro picked up and eliminated Kane. Cesaro picked up Big Show but couldn't eliminated him. Big Show reversed it and eliminated Cesaro. Ryback gets up and slams Show in the ring. Miz, Mizdow, Ryback, and Show are the last 4 in the match. Show eliminates Ryback. Miz gave instructions to Mizdow. Mizdow shook his head to say no. Miz went back to Mizdow and yelled at him to listen to him. Mizdow eliminates Miz. It's down to Mizdow and Big Show. Show charges at Mizdow and Mizdow moves. Mizdow stomps on Show but Show hangs on. Mizdow bites Show's hand but Show fights back and gets up on the apron. Mizdow charges but Show grabs his neck and goes for the chokeslam but Mizdow turns it into a guillotine and hangs on to Show's neck. Mizdow pulls hard to try and get Show over but Show tosses him out. Big Show wins.


The ladders are set up at ringside and the ladder is hung by Pat Patterson. WrestleMania starts now.....

WrestleMania 31 main card

Aloe Blacc sings America The Beautiful.

Intercontinental title Ladder match
Names announced: Bad News Barrett (champion), R-Truth, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust, and Daniel Bryan.

The match starts right away as Ambrose gets in the ring. Fast paced match to start with dives by everyone including Harper. Truth is the first to set up a ladder in the ring but Barrett gets in and stops him right away. At one point Stardust got a glitter covered ladder from under the ring. Barrett attacked Stardust and destroyed it and used one of the ladder rungs to beat on Stardust. Harper did the helicopter spot where he has the ladder around his neck and uses it as a weapon to take out everyone. Truth then got to Harper. There was a crazy superplex off the top of the ladder from Barrett to Stardust. That looked like it really really hurt. Harper powerbombed Ambrose through a bunch of ladders at ringside. Ziggler was on Harper's back as Harper climbed a ladder. Several guys tried to climb the ladder and were hit by bull hammers. Finally its ZIggler and Bryan on top fighting for the title and they fight back and forth. Bryan finally knocks Ziggler off after they both headbutt each other. Bryan wins and is the new Intercontinental champion. Insane match with tons of car crash spots.


Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins 

Video package on the Orton/Rollins feud. Rollins comes out with J&J Security. They tried to get involved but Orton did the double DDT on J&J on the outside of the ring. Several minutes into the match Seth did a sick looking moonsaut from the ring to the outside on Orton. When they got in the ring Orton hit a cross body off the top and then nailed Rollins with a hanging DDT from the second rope. RKO, reversal, kick by Rollins, Orton hits the RKO but gets a 2 count. Orton sets up to punt Rollins. He goes for it but Noble and Mercury run in and Orton hits the RKO on both. Rollins takes advantage of the distraction and hits the curb stom...1-2...Orton kicks out. Rollins went for another curb stomp but Orton turned it into an RKO. Orton wins.


Ronda Rousey shown at ringside.

Sting vs. Triple H

Sting was on offense to start. The crowd went nuts before they even locked up. Sting got the early offense and hit a nice dropkick and fans cheered "you still got it." Triple H quickly took over on offense though. Triple H with a knee to the face but Sting no sold it an dwent for the scorpion deathlock but Triple H got out of the ring. Sting went for a Stinger splash by the barricade at ringside but Triple H moved and then rammed Sting into the steps. Things eventually settled in the ring and Triple H got a chinlock and then a spinebuster and pin attempt. Sting fought back and locked Sting in the sharpshooter. The New Age Outlaws and XPac ran down but Sting took them all out with a dive off the top rope. Back in the ring Triple H catches Sting in the pedigree but Sting kicks out. DX and the NWO brawl. Hogan takes the sledgehammer from Triple H as Sting locks in the Scorpion deathlock. Billy Gunn takes out Nash. Hall is back body dropped by Road Dogg. HBK shows up out of nowhere and superkicks Sting. Triple H goes for the pin but Sting gets the shoulder up. Billy gives the sledgehammer to Triple H. Hall gives the bat to Sting. Sting hits Triple H with the bat in the stomach. Sting breaks the sledgehammer in half with his bat. Sting drops the bat and beats the hell out of Triple H in the corner. Stinger splash from Sting. 2nd attempt but Triple H hits him with the sledgehammer and he gets the win. Triple H wins and DX and HBK celebrate at ringside. Sting and Triple H shook hands afterwards.


Maria Menounous interviews Daniel Bryan backstage. Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Pat Patterson, and Ric Flair congratulate him. Flait lets out a "wooooO!" Bret Hart congratulates him and says Bryan is a good representation of the title. They all do the "YES" chant and Ron Simmons walks in. He says "DAMN!"

Skyler Grey, Travis Barker, and Kid Ink perform.

Paige and AJ Lee vs. The Bella Twins

AJ was knocked off the apron early in the match. She tried to get up but was dropkicked by Nikki so Paige is fighting alone for the most part. Nikki hits the rack attack but Paige kicks out. Paige fights back on her own and at one points does a somersault dive on the Bellas at ringside. Paige tries to tag AJ and finally does. AJ cleans house on Nikki. Cross body off the top, Nikki rolls through, Paige dropkicks NIkki's back, AJ with a pin attempt. Nikki got AJ on her shoulders but AJ turned it into a DDT. AJ runs the ropes but Brie trips her up. Nikki goes for a pin; Paige raims Brie into the steps. Black widow by AJ to Nikki. Nikki taps.


WWE Hall of Fame highlights and then they have the class of 2015 come out on the stage.

John Cena vs. Rusev (champion) - United States Championship

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Cena charges right away with a clothesline and attempts to get a pin early. Rusev kicks out and takes over on offense with power moves. Less than 5 minutes in Cena hit the 5 knuckle and went for an AA but Rusev got out of it. Mixed reaction for Cena. At one point Cena locked in the STF but Lana threw her shoe in the ring for some reason. No one used the shoe though. Rusev got to the ropes and then got some offense on Cena. Rusev went to the top rope and hit a flying headbutt on Cena. Pin attempt, kick out by Cena. There was a crazy spot where Cena did a springboard off the second rope and then turned it into a stunner. Pin attempt, Rusev kicks out. Cena with a rollup on Rusev, Rusek kicks out and kicks Cena in the face. Rusev locks in The Accolade and locks it in good this time. Cena breaks it and then locks in the STF on Rusev. Lana up on the apron. Rusev accidentally runs into her. Cena with the AA and the pin. New US champ. Rusev yelled at Lana at ringside.


The panel (Renee, Booker, and Corey Graves) recapped what happened on the pre-show.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in the ring. Stephanie announces 76,976 fans in attendance. She said this wouldn't be possible without her and her husband Triple H. Triple H says some don't like it but the truth hurts and the truth is that he beat Sting tonight and he feels like he beat anyone that has bet against them. He says he feels so good at doing that its as if he beat 76,976 of you and millions at home. He said they own Sting and every Superstar and Diva and all of you and it doesn't matter because The Authority always win. THE ROCK'S music plays and he comes out to confront Triple H. Rock says they don't own the fans or The Rock. Rock tells him to go dress up like Terminator again or they can create a WrestleMania moment right now. Triple H says he has nothing to prove to The Rock. Rock tells him that he clearly left his balls in Stamford. Steph says Rock is looking to feed his ego and without the McMahon's there would be no Rock. She says Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, and Dwayne Johnson would be nothing without Vince, Sr, Vince, Jr. and Stephanie McMahon. Fans chanted for "Shane O'Mac." He said she wouldn't be in power if it wasn't for Vince McMahon's Johnson. She slapped Rock. She asked what is he gonna do about it. She asked if he'd hit a woman and it's her house, her stadium, her people. She told him to get the hell out of here. Rock left the ring and walked over to Ronda Rousey. Ronda jumped the barricade and went in the ring with Rock. Steph said Ronda is a friend so she won't do anything. She told her that unless she can get the hell out of the ring. Ronda said any ring she steps into is hers. Ronda tells her to make her leave. Steph tells her to get the hell out. Rock says the look on Ronda's face means that Ronda will reach down Steph's throat and play jumprope with her fallopian tubes. Triple H says its the last thing Rock will say about his wife. Rock agrees and hits Triple H with a flurry of punches. Ronda with a throw on Triple H. Steph from behind and she yells at Ronda. She gets in Ronda's face and tries to slap her. Ronda catches her and throws her down. Rock said that is called being owned and that is the biggest WreslteMania moment of the night....if ya smellllll...what the Rock and Ronda is cookin!


Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Bray charges and gets hit with a boot to the face. Taker is on offense to start the match. Undertaker hit "old school" off the top. Bray turned things around though with a hard clothesline. Taker turns things around and hits the trademark legdrop on the ring apron on to Bray. They did a spot where Bray smashed Taker's head in the ring steps and then he hit Taker with a nasty looking slam in the ring. Bray went for Sister Abigail but Taker turned it into a chokeslam. Taker hits the tombstone, goes for the pin but Bray kicks out. Taker goes for another tombstone but Bray turns it into Sister Abigal. Pin attempt but Taker kicks out. Taker and Bray exchange punches. Bray gets the best of him and ends up pounding Taker to the ring mat. Bray mocks Taker with the throat gesture. Bray goes for Sister Abigal but Taker reverses and hits the tombstone. Taker pins and gets the 3 count. The Undertaker wins.


Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Roman Reigns does his usual entrance through the crowd. Not the greatest reception from the crowd with a few shoves and a middle finger from one guy. Roman charges but Brock beats the hell out of Roman and hits an F5. Fans cheering like crazy for Brock. Brock hits a bunch of suplexes and knees and punches to the body and then drops Roman on the ropes. Roman fights back with knees and kicks of his own but Brock clotheslines Roman out of the ring. Stiff clothesline. Wow. Brock's lip is busted and has a cut on the side of his face. Brock suplexes Roman out of the ring. Then Brock suplexes Roman into the ring. Brock hits an F5 but Roman kicks out. Brock slaps Roman while Roman is down. Roman is laughing and refuses to quit. German suplex by Brock, another one. F5 by Brock. Roman kicks out. Brock tosses Roman out of the ring. Roman shoves Brock into the ringpost. Lesnar is busted open. Now they are back in the ring but Brock is in trouble for the first time. Fans are booing. Superman punch from Reigns. Another one from Reigns but Brock is on a knee and won't go down. Reigns goes for another one but Brock catches him. Reigns fights back and hits a third punch. Spear by Roman. Brock gets up though. Another spear and Brock gets the shoulder up. Reigns goes for another punch, Brock catches him and hits the F5. Here comes Seth Rollins!! Rollins goes for the curb stomp on Lesnar after Reigns spears him. Rollins curb stomps Reigns and pins Reigns. NEW CHAMOPION!!!!