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WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night One) results: 'American Badass' Undertaker buried AJ Styles



In the main event, The Undertaker took on AJ Styles in a Boneyard match at WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night One).

This was basically a Graveyard match under another name. A hearse drove up with Taker's theme playing but Styles popped out of it and he said he was ready for Taker. The "American Bad Ass" version of The Undertaker arrived to the boneyard on a motorcycle. Styles said he had already dug Taker's grave.

Taker got the first punches in. This was shot like a movie with sound effects. Taker cut his arm open when Styles moved out of the way and the arm broke the glass on the hearse. Taker tossed Styles on top of the windshield of the hearse. Styles finally turned the table after a few minutes with the low blow on Taker. Taker fought back and Styles fell into the grave but Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared as music played in the background.

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A bunch of guys dressed as druids appeared out of a shed and surrounded Taker but Taker was able to take them out one by one until Gallows and Anderson attacked. They were going to use a shovel but Taker broke free and fought back and he used the shovel but AJ appeared and smashed a cinder block on Taker. Styles then charged at Taker and ran him through one of the walls of the shed like a barricade spot that WWE does all the time. Styles smashed a shovel over Taker's back and Taker fell into the grave.

Styles was about to use a bulldozer to fill in the grave but Taker popped up behind him and attacked him with several punches. Styles climbed up on top of the shed but Taker followed him up. Taker used his magic to create fire to catch Styles off guard. Taker fought him off along sith Gallows and Anderson. Taker chokeslammed Styles off the top of the shed. Styles apologized and begged not to be buried. Taker hugged him and praised him for fighting so hard and then he kicked him in the face into the grave. Taker got into the bulldozer and pushed dirt onto the grave to bury Styles. A tombnstone for Styles was shown and then Taker got on his motorcycle to leave the area as the show ended.

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