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WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night Two) results: Charlotte Flair is the new NXT Women’s Champion

WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night Two) kicked off with the NXT Women’s Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair.

Rhea hit the Rip Tide in the first two minutes of the match but it was too early because Charlotte was able to kick out of the pin attempt. She rolled out to the floor to regroup. Charlotte eventually got back on offense and she began to attack Rhea’s left leg. She continued to work on the leg for several more minutes until Rhea got a roll up and she began her comeback. There was a lot of talking among both women during this match.

Several minutes later, Rhea locked in a Texas Cloverleaf submission but Charlotte was able to get out of the hold. Charlotte applied a Boston Crab submission hold but Rhea broke out and then there were multiple pin attempts from both women as they kept rolling each other up. Moments later, Charlotte attempted a moonsault but Ripley got her legs up to counter. Charlotte hit a spear and attempted a pin but Rhea kicked out. Charlotte locked in the Figure Four and she forced Rhea to submit. Charlotte is the new champ

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