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WWE WrestleMania 36 (Night Two) results: Edge vs. Randy Orton

In one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend, Edge finally got his match against Randy Orton at WWE WrestleMania. This was a Last Man Standing Match.

Orton didn’t come down the ramp. Instead, he was dressed as a cameraman as Edge waited. Orton surprised Edge with the RKO out of nowhere. As the bell rang and the match got started, Orton immediately hit another RKO. Edge rolled out to ringside but Orton caught him on the head with a camera and that knocked Edge over the barricade where the chairs would normally be.

They continued fighting through the gorilla position and into the gym area. Orton kept telling Edge that he will always love him as the beatdown continued for several minutes into the match in the gym. Edge was finally able to get back up by using a pull-up bar to get himself up and kick Orton in the chest. After several more minutes of brawling in the gym, they made their way into a narrow space of the building. This was mostly kicking and punching up until this point. Orton shoved Edge off a platform and into the ringside barricade and the ref began counting but Edge got up on his feet at the count of 9. Orton kept beating on Edge as they moved to the locker room and office area of the building. They continued brawling in a conference room area for a few minutes before slowly making their way back towards a storage area. Several minutes in the storage area and Edge did a dive off a platform through Orton and through a table. Orton was bleeding from a cut on his back.

After about 25 minutes into the match, they made their way on top of a parked semi-truck. Orton tried to put Edge but Edge caught him with a spear. Edge tried another spear but Orton caught him with the RKO. Orton hit Edge with a chair to the back and then he went to hit the con-chair-to but Edge got up and used his new submission hold, the same one he used on MVP a few weeks ago. Edge hit the con-chair-to on Orton’s head. That was the final blow and Orton could not get up to his feet so Edge won the match.

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