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WWE WrestleMania 37 results: Rhea Ripley is the new Raw Women’s Champion

Asuka put her Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Rhea Ripley at WWE WrestleMania 37.

Ash Costello of New Year’s Day performed Rhea’s theme “Brutality.” The match started with Ripley no selling a dropkick from Asuka but Asuka came back with a couple of roll-ups and a dropkick into the corner. Ripley charged but Asuka took her down with a toe hold into the turnbuckle.

After a couple of minutes, Ripley was finally able to take control of the match. Ripley slapped her around and hit her with consecutive clotheslines and a kick. Asuka countered the kick into a kneebar but Ripley powered out into a German suplex and then a pin attempt.

Asuka turned things around with a missile dropkick off the top rope and a release German suplex and the hip attack in the corner. Asuka nailed Asuka with spinning back fists and another hip attack. Ripley went for a move off the top rope but Ripley caught her with a dropkick to knock her to the ringside floor. Ripley followed up by dropping Asuka face first on the ring apron but Asuka came back with a DDT off the apron and to the ringside floor.

Asuka continued on offense with kicks the head. She tried the sliding knee attack but Ripley countered with stomps and a version of the Texas Cloverleaf but Asuka broke free and countered into the armbar but Ripley powered out and she tossed Asuka into the corner. Ripley suplexed Asuka into the ring from the ring apron and then she followed up with a cover, Asuka kicked out.

Asuka was able to get an armbar and then the Asuka lock but Ripley rolled through into a pin attempt. Asuka hit a kick and then she tried a running kick but Ripley countered with the Rip Tide and she pinned Asuka to win the title.

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