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WWE WrestleMania 37 results: Riddle busted open, Sheamus is the new United States Champion



Matt Riddle put the United States Championship on the line against Sheamus at WWE WrestleMania 37. This match was made after Sheamus used Riddle's scooter as a weapon against him in a backstage skit from 3 weeks ago.

Sheamus was on offense for the first few minutes of the match. About 5 minutes in, Sheamus hit the 10 beats, and then he went up to the top rope but Riddle ran up and he hit an overhead belly to belly off the top. Riddle followed up with forearms, a suplex, and a jackhammer. Sheamus came back at Riddle with a stiff knee to the head from out of nowhere, followed by an Alabama Slam into a pin attempt.

Riddle turned things around by kicking Sheamus in the face on the ring apron and then following up with a moonsault off the ropes to Sheamus at ringside. Riddle also hit a dive off the top into a near fall. Riddle locked in a reverse armbar but Sheamus powered out of it and slammed him but just as Sheamus was going for the pin, Riddle locked him in a choke. Sheamus made it to the bottom rope and then began throwing punches.

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Sheamus tried a sunset flip bomb off the top but Riddle slipped out and then went up to the top but Sheamus reverses into and he tried White Noise but he slipped with Riddle on his back and hit a regular White Noise. Sheamus hit a Harley Race knee off the top and then went for a pin but Riddle kicked out. Sheamus went for the Brogue but Riddle kicked out, Riddle went for a moonsault off the ropes but Sheamus kicked him in the head and pinned him to win the title. Riddle's mouth was busted open.

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