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WWE WrestleMania 38 (Saturday) results: live coverage



 WWE WrestleMania 38 (Saturday)
April 2, 2022
Arlington, Texas
AT&T Stadium

We are live with ongoing coverage of WWE WrestleMania 38 (Saturday). As always, please make sure to refresh this page often for ongoing results as they will be posted immediately after every major segment/match.

Tonight will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest of Kevin Owens on a very special episode of The KO Show. Austin has been training hard for tonight's which means that fans can expect a lot more than just a simple stunner and beer bash. The segment is scheduled to close out the show.

Also, the Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles are on the line tonight, The Usos will defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles and Seth Rollins will find out who is his mystery opponent.

WrestleMania Saturday

Country music singer Brantley Gilbert sang America The Beautiful. A video package with Mark Wahlberg aired and then the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders performed on the stage.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (Champions) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs

Nakamura was on defense for much of the first few minutes until he was able to get the hot tag to Boogs and Jimmy tagged in Jey. Boogs did a spot with Jimmy and Jey on his back but he collapsed to sell his bad knee. The first close near fall came about 10 minutes in when Jimmy hit an Uso splash on Nakamura.

Moments later, The Usos won the match after hitting the 1D (Dudley Boyz 3D cutter). The Usos will be at WrestleMania Sunday to accompany Universal Champion Roman Reigns to the ring. The trainer checked on Boogs after the match. It looks like a legitimate injury.

Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbin

McIntyre attacked as soon as the match got started. He continued with chops to the chest before dumping Corbin over the top rope. McIntyre drove Corbin into the barricade.

Corbin took over on offense but McIntyre turned things around with a spinebuster after Moss accidentally distracted Corbin. McIntyre also hit a neckbreaker. Corbin hit the Deep Six and almost won the match. McIntyre fought back and did a Swanton dive onto Corbin and Moss at ringside. McIntyre did an overhead throw to Moss at ringside.

McIntyre jumped off the top and missed, he also missed the Claymore and Corbin hit the End of Days but McIntyre kicked out. McIntyre recovered and hit the future shock DDT. Then he hit the Claymore and pinned Corbin.

After the match, McIntyre teased using the sword on Moss but he ran off and the sword cut through the top 2 ropes and the ring collapsed.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs. The Miz and Logan Paul

Dominik Guerrero's gear looked like it was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero's gear in AAA. Logan Paul and The Miz came out in matching colored gear and they got massive pyro.

The match started with The Miz attacking Rey and then Miz quickly tagging in Logan Paul. Logan hit punches to Rey's ribs. Rey grabbed a headlock, did a couple of leapfrogs and a split but Rey kicked him in the head.

After Paul tagged out, he hit Dominik with a cheap shot. Paul hit a running powerslam on Dominik before trying to pin him. Miz tagged in and they double teamed Dominik with kicks to the body. Miz attempted a pin. Paul hit a Buff Blockbuster off the top and then tried for the cover but Dominik kicked out. Miz and Paul double teamed Dominik in the corner. Rey got the hot tag and he hit a flurry of offense on Miz. Rey hit a moonsault but Paul broke up the pin. Soon after, The Miz took a tornado DDT from Rey. Rey the Three Amigos Eddie suplexes.

Paul tagged in and kicked Rey in the head. Paul hit his own Three Amigos Eddie suplexes and fans loudly booed him. Paul did the Eddie shimmy and then hit the frog splash. He went for the pin but Dominik broke it up. Dominik dove through the ropes to take out Miz before running after Paul. Paul ran into Rey's legs and a 619. Dominik and Rey both hit the frog splash but Miz tagged in, hit the skull crushing finale to win the match. After the match, The Miz hit the skull crushing finale on Paul.

They showed a commercial for Edge vs. Styles that happens tomorrow night.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch (Champion) vs. Bianca Belair

Lynch got an awesome intro that was a modified version of the opening WWE signature video that starts at the beginning of all of their TV shows.

Lynch was driven to the stage and she walked out with a whole new look (see below). Bianca Belair had a marching band as part of her entrance. The crowd has been loud all night.

Belair offered to shake hands but Becky punched her. Belair tried the KOD but Becky hit the Rock Bottom slam, Belair kicked out. Lynch kicked her a couple of times and she tried another cover and two more. Lynch tried another cover and she got frustrated each time Belair kicked out. Belair fought back with a suplex but Lynch broke free and she tried again to cover Belair. Lynch hit a moonsault but Belair moved. Belair locked in the disarmer but Lynch got her foot on the rope. Belair tried a couple of pin attempts. There was a pin reversal sequence and Lynch dragged Bianca with her hair through the ropes. She also shoved Belair into the steel steps. Lynch hit a pair of Bexploder suplexes. After the third, she went for the cover. Moments later, Lynch hit a leg drop across Belair, who was draped over the top rope.

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Lynch fought back and locked in an armbar and she used Belair's hair for leverage. Belair powered up and both women tumbled over the top rope. Belair planted Lynch with a standing suplex to the floor. Both women were out but they got back in before the 10 count. Belair hit a gut buster but Lynch kicked out of the pin attempt. Belair hit the double underhook Glam Slam but Lynch kicked out of the pin attempt. Lynch fought back and turned things around, Lynch set up Belair on the top rope but Belair put Lynch on her shoulders and dropped her on the top rope. Belair followed up with 450 splash off the second rope, Lynch kicked out. Huge pop. Lynch crawled to the ring apron and then she hit a jawbreaker and some kicks. Lynch went up to the top and hit a Molly go round. She went for the pin but Belair kicked out. Belair fought back with a spinebuster. Belair went for another Glam Slam but Becky counterd into rollup, pin attempt. Belair fought back and tried the KOD but Lynch grabbed the top ropes and was dumped out of the ring. Lynch yanked Belair by the hair and drove her into the ring post.

Lynch then hit the Manhandle slam on the steel steps. Belair made it back in just before the 10 count. Lynch cried out of frustration. Belair countered out of a Rock Bottom, she hit the KOD to win the title. Incredible match.

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes

Rollins had a choir for his entrance. Cody got a massive pop as a top-tier star would. Cody hit some offense on Rollins and then Cody did the old Stardust dance and gesture to symbolize that he is brushing off the past. Cody got in most of the offense in the first couple of minutes.

Cody and Seth tried to suplex each other but they ended up crashing hard over the top rope and to the floor. Cody shoved Rollins in the ring post and he continued to work on the arm as they moved back into the ring. After taking a kick to the mid section, Rollins fought back with a kick to the head but Cody grabbed the arm again and he drove Rollins to the mat.

Cody went for a crossbody off the top but Rollins hit him with a dropkick. Rollins hit a gutbuster and then he attempted the pin. Rollins yelled "welcome back to the big leagues b*tch" as he hit forearms to Cody's back. Rollins hit a back elbow and a chop but Cody hit a forearm and powerslam. Cody then clotheslined Rollins over the top rope and then did a dive onto Rollins at ringside. Cody's back burns haven't healed from that fire spot on AEW Dynamite from a couple of months ago. Cody hit a moonsault and he overshot but he got enough that they could save it. Rhodes tried the Disaster kick but Rollins caught him and powerbombed him onto the barricade. Back in the ring, Rollins hit the Falcon Arrow and almost pinned Rhodes. They countered their finishers, Rollins rolled up Rhodes, he kicked out and Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes but Rollins kicked out. Huge pop. Rhodes tried a move off the top but Rollins recovered and knocked him onto the turnbuckle. Rollins then executed an inverted superplex off the top turnbuckle, followed by another one. Rhodes kicked out of the pin attempt. Rollins missed a Phoenix splash, Rollins avoids the pedigree, Cody powerbombs Rollins. Cody hit the Cody Cutter off the top rope and Rollins kicked out again. Rollins hit the pedigree but Cody kicked out of the pin attempt. They traded chops and punches. Rollins hit rolling elbows to the face and one to the back of the head. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes two more times, followed by the Dusty Rhodes flip flop and fly. Wow, amazing reaction from the crowd. He hit another Cross Rhodes and pinned Rollins.

They introduced the WWE Hall Of Fame inductees.

77,899 is the announced attendance.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair (Charlotte) vs. Ronda Rousey

Flair got an indoor and outdoor fireworks display for her entrance. They battled back and forth for the first couple of minutes. Flair tried a move off the ropes but Ronda hit a knee to the head. Charlotte hit Ronda with a knee to the spine and an elbow on the ring apron. Charlotte then pulled Ronda through the ropes and out of the ring. Back in the ring, Charlotte hit a hard forearm to the head that knocked Ronda to the mat.

Ronda fought back with an armdrag takedown and knee to the face. Rousey hit a tornado DDT and Charlotte kicked out of the pin attempt. Rousey hit a kick and several arm takedowns. Charlotte hit a spear and Ronda kicked out of the pin attempt. Rousey ducked the Natural Selection but Charlotte hit a back suplex. Charlotte tried the moonsault and they got crossed up with Ronda moved so it looked awkward. Ronda hit a slam and then tried the pin. Charlotte recovered and kicked Rousey several times in the corner. Ronda fought back and she did an armdrag off the top rope into the cover. Ronda hit the Piper's Pit, Charlotte slipped out of the armbar attempt. Rousey hit a knee to the face and Charlotte hit a boot to Rousey's face. Rousey slipped out of the Figure 4 attempt and she hit a scoop slam and pin attempt.

Charlotte slipped out of the Piper's Pit attempt but Rousey locked in the ankle lock. Charlotte reversed into her own ankle lock. Rousey drove Charlotte's head into the bottom turnbuckle. Rosey tried the triangle armbar but Charlotte slammed her and tried for the pin. Rousey grabbed the arm again but Flair slipped out into the figure four and Rousey countered into the ankle lock. Flair broke free with kicks to the head. Rousey locked the armbar again but Charlotte reversed into the figure eight, Ronda reversed the hold and they tumbled to the ringside area. Flair hit an exploder suplex on Rousey onto the barricade. Back in the ring, Rousey countered a boot with the Piper's Pit. It looked like she got the win but Charlotte had her foot on the bottom rope and Rousey was very upset with the referee. Charlotte hit the Natural Selection, Rousey kicked out of the pin attempt.

Rousey kicked Charlotte and it caused Charlotte to spear the referee. Rousey got the armbar but the ref was knocked out. Flair hit a boot to the head and she covered Ronda to retain the title.

The announcers hyped the card for tomorrow night.

Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus & Ridge Holland was cut from the show.

The KO Show
Guest: Stone Cold Steve Austin

There were massive boos and "Austin" chants when Owens grabbed the microphone. Owens started out by talking about the things he said about Austin and Texas. Owens said Texas would be the ass of North America. Owens then apologized to all Texans for telling the "absolute God's honest truth about your pathetic state."

KO said he would introduce his guest when he was ready. He proceeded to call Austin the worst role model in the history of WWE and he will look him in the eye to say how much he sucks because he won't do a 'damn thing' and he'll sit in the chair and take it. He also teased that he would pour bear on his "stupid bald head."

The glass broke and Austin made his way out to the stage. He wore his classic 3:16 shirt and jean shorts. Austin teased walking down to the ring but he walked out to get his 4 wheeler and he rode it around the ring. Austin destroyed the set as he went around to do his corner poses on the turnbuckle but KO cut the music off to say that he wouldn't let Austin take over his show.

Austin and KO sat in their seats and the interview got started. Austin called out Owens for looking like a jackass and running down the great state of Texas "you stupid son of a bitch." KO said Texas is hot in the summer and flat and uninspiring. He said the people of Texas wear dumb belt buckles and the people are dumb. KO said he would have moved to Mexico if he was forced to grow up in Texas.

KO told Austin not to be the stereotypical, crude, impolite Texan and he will be the bigger man. KO told Austin that he lied about wanting a talk. KO said he wants a fight. He challenged Austin to a match. He said Austin's back, knees, and neck were bad 19 years ago and he won't accept but he would love a No Holds Barred match right now. KO said Austin knows he can't beat him. He said Austin should stop embarrassing himself and he can get on his little golf cart and back to his "stupid ranch."

Austin looked around as the crowd cheered. Austin said he had his first match in Dallas, Texas and he could have his last match in Dallas, Texas. Austin asked for a "hell yea" if the fans wanted to see him against "this sack of shit." Austin asked for a referee to get the match started. The bell rang and they stood face to face. They traded punches and Austin stomped the mudhole. Austin whipped KO into the turnbuckle and he fell on his back. Austin drank a beer and then stomped Owens in the other corner of the ring. Austin then tossed KO out of the ring. Austin reversed an Irish whip and hit KO with a clothesline. Austin dropped him on the barricade and then he raked the eyes as fans chanted "you still got it." KO then sent Austin's head into the ring post.

KO pulled a table from under the ring, KO tried to send him into it but Austin reversed and KO's back crashed through the table. Austin tossed KO into the crowd and they brawled. Austin attempted a suplex on the floor but KO countered and he suplexed Austin. The brawl continued and Owens kneed Austin in the stomach. They made their way back to ringside. KO tried a dive off the barricade but Austin caught him and slammed him through the announcer's table. Austin drank some beer and then punched KO on top of the table. Austin drank some more beer and spit it on KO. KO tried to escape on the 4 wheeler but Austin caught him with punches to the back. Austin got on the 4 wheeler and drove to the stage so he and Owens could brawl there. Austin hit KO with a suplex on the stage. He brought him to the other side of the stage and did it again.

Austin brought KO back into the ring and then he drank some more beer. KO hit the stunner and he went for the pin but Austin kicked out. Austin went to use a chair but it bounced off the rope and onto his head. Austin hit the stunner and pinned Owens. Owens was escorted out to the back by Dallas police as Austin celebrated with a lot of beer. Austin grabbed the mic and said it's good to be from Dallas, Texas because that's the bottom line, Cause Stone Cold Said So.

Austin invited Byron Saxton into the ring so they could drink and so he could give Saxton the stunner. Austin's brother went in the ring to have a beer and to hug his brother.