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WWE WrestleMania results: Bianca Belair wins the Raw Women's Championship



Bianca Belair challenged Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship at WWE WrestleMania 38.

Notes from the match (written in real-time):

Lynch got an awesome intro that was a modified version of the opening WWE signature video that starts at the beginning of all of their TV shows.

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Lynch was driven to the stage and she walked out with a whole new look (see below). Bianca Belair had a marching band as part of her entrance. The crowd has been loud all night.

Belair offered to shake hands but Becky punched her. Belair tried the KOD but Becky hit the Rock Bottom slam, Belair kicked out. Lynch kicked her a couple of times and she tried another cover and two more. Lynch tried another cover and she got frustrated each time Belair kicked out. Belair fought back with a suplex but Lynch broke free and she tried again to cover Belair. Lynch hit a moonsault but Belair moved. Belair locked in the disarmer but Lynch got her foot on the rope. Belair tried a couple of pin attempts. There was a pin reversal sequence and Lynch dragged Bianca with her hair through the ropes. She also shoved Belair into the steel steps. Lynch hit a pair of Bexploder suplexes. After the third, she went for the cover. Moments later, Lynch hit a leg drop across Belair, who was draped over the top rope.

Lynch fought back and locked in an armbar and she used Belair's hair for leverage. Belair powered up and both women tumbled over the top rope. Belair planted Lynch with a standing suplex to the floor. Both women were out but they got back in before the 10 count. Belair hit a gut buster but Lynch kicked out of the pin attempt. Belair hit the double underhook Glam Slam but Lynch kicked out of the pin attempt. Lynch fought back and turned things around, Lynch set up Belair on the top rope but Belair put Lynch on her shoulders and dropped her on the top rope. Belair followed up with 450 splash off the second rope, Lynch kicked out. Huge pop. Lynch crawled to the ring apron and then she hit a jawbreaker and some kicks. Lynch went up to the top and hit a Molly go round. She went for the pin but Belair kicked out. Belair fought back with a spinebuster. Belair went for another Glam Slam but Becky counterd into rollup, pin attempt. Belair fought back and tried the KOD but Lynch grabbed the top ropes and was dumped out of the ring. Lynch yanked Belair by the hair and drove her into the ring post.

Lynch then hit the Manhandle slam on the steel steps. Belair made it back in just before the 10 count. Lynch cried out of frustration. Belair countered out of a Rock Bottom, she hit the KOD to win the title. Incredible match.

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